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The Times “reveal” that Pakistani pimps are exploiting young British girls

Most of the front page of The Times on January the 5th and four inside pages are devoted to the “revelation” by The Times that significant numbers of Pakistani Muslim pimps are exploiting young British girls.

The first paragraph of The Times front page report says: “A culture of silence that has facilitated the sexual exploitation of hundreds of young British girls by criminal pimping gangs is exposed by The Times today.”

Excuse me! Why is the word “exposed” there?

The British National Party and other anti-immigration groups have been highlighting this phenomenon for about the last TEN YEARS!

Even Channel Four, in May 2004, in its controversial TV documentary, the ‘Edge of the City’, exposed the sexual grooming of young British girls by Muslim men in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

I’m waiting with baited breath for the next ground breaking “revelation” by The Times, like, er, that two plus two makes four! Or maybe they’ll “reveal” that the sun rises every morning!

Still, better late than never!

See more about Channel Four’s groundbreaking documentary, here.