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Purged SWP nurse barred from work

The Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP) organiser, Yunus Bakhsh, who was expelled from his trade union and sacked from his job in the NHS after allegations of bullying has been barred from returning to work by NHS bosses in the North East of England.

Yunus Bakhsh, a former Unison shop steward and leading member of the trade union, had won an Employment Tribunal in Newcastle and had been told he could have his job back as a nurse following a five year struggle with NHS bosses. However, when he turned up for work earlier this month, NHS bosses handed him a letter telling him he would not be returning to work over concerns about his nursing registration and training.

Now, some MPs are calling for the far-left organiser’s reinstatement. Gateshead Labour MP and former trotskyite Militant sympathiser, Ian Mearns, has joined a small number of MPs in calling for the judgement of the Employment Tribunal to be upheld and for a public inquiry into the actions of NHS bosses who defied the court order. However, NHS bosses are very reluctant to re-hire the troublesome Bakhsh and seem willing to spend even more public money ensuring the far-left organiser is kept out of North East hospitals.

In the meantime, Bakhsh has been keeping busy, despite his alleged depression following his dismissal from his job. He was spotted recently at a protest outside a Gateshead factory, along with a small number of SWP supporters, calling for job losses to be reversed Also present at the protest was Gateshead SPEW/Militant activist, Elaine Brunskill, who was trying to foist copies of the SPEW’s dull newspaper, ‘The Socialist’, onto reluctant workers.

In his book, ‘Archeofuturism: European Visions of the Post-Catastrophic Age’, the French writer and activist Guillaume Faye, writes that the far-left “serves to accelerate official ideology and praxis, while concealing the role it plays through pseudo-dissent.”

In this instance, Bakhsh has been played like a fiddle and the ‘useful idiots’ in the House of Commons seem happy to support him in his little dance of rebellion.

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