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Why bother grassing up an anarchist?

City of Westminster Police in London have issued guidelines about who the public should be concerned about with regards political threats to public safety and law and order.

As well as the obligatory warning about Islamists, anarchists come top of the list in those suspected of wanting to overthrow the state. Despite recent police infiltration attempts to curtail the alleged menace, anarchists are now regarded as a major threat by London’s police following recent disturbances in the capital. However, following the collapse of the police’s infiltration attempts, all those undercover police operations actually proved is that without the organisational prowess of those undercover cops most anarchist cells would cease to function or even collapse. In fact, much of the recent trouble in London was carried out by ethnic minority youths and bored bourgeois students, rather than hardline anarchists engaged in a life-or-death struggle with the state.

Even during Class War’s heyday, the anarchist movement seemed more about striking a pose and having a good time than involving themselves in concrete organisational and community work that would have extended their influence and capacity to make a difference. Nowadays, the anarchist movement in London seems to consist of public school dropouts, gap-year students and thirty-something wasters.

Why bother grassing up an anarchist? Even the Guardian newspaper seems perplexed at the idea.