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Witch hunt begins following Norway attacks

As predicted, the liberal-left media witch hunt following the vile terrorist attacks in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik has begun in earnest with every part of the nationalist/populist spectrum in Europe and beyond under attack.

In the Observer newspaper, published in the UK, Nick Lowles of the far-left Searchlight/Hope not Hate organisation, which is closely linked to the British Labour Party, said, in response to the Norway attacks: “Somewhere, in a front room or bedroom, other young men are probably dreaming up fantasies about saving western civilisation from the evils of communism and Islam.”

Laughably, Lowles – a former member of the violent far-left Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) group (which specialised in violently assaulting political opponents in the eighties and nineties) and a former journalist with the World in Action TV current affairs programme (which specialised in smearing political opponents) – is described as an “expert” by that newspaper. No doubt Lowles is already busying himself making the world safe for both communism and Islam and it probably involves something nasty happening to opponents of both!

As editor of Searchlight magazine, Lowles certainly has the English Defence League (EDL) and its leaders in his sights, as well as numerous other individuals and groups, ranging from the ‘Lionheart’ blogger from Luton, Paul Ray, to the Stop Islamisation of England (SIOE) group headed by a former member and candidate of the English Democrats, Stephen Gash. In the short-term, rather ironically, Breivik’s misguided violence against Norway’s political establishment will be used as a stick to beat those opposed to both Islam and communism by those who have done so much to encourage both Islam and communism over the decades.

The media and political opponents of nationalism are now doing their best to drag into the frame the popular Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who has done so much to sound the alarm about the nature and ambitions of political Islam in Europe and beyond, the various nationalist/populist political parties across Scandinavia and northern Europe, including Jimmie Akkeson’s Sweden Democrats, which entered the Swedish parliament at the last general election for the first time, and Norway’s moderate nationalist Progress Party, led by Siv Jensen, which has also called for a more restrictive immigration policy. In fact, Breivik was a member and activist of the Progress party as a teenager, but grew increasingly disillusioned and bitter as the capitulation to Muslim immigration and multi-culturalism gathered pace in his own country and across Europe. Even the traditional nationalism of the French National Front and Germany’s NPD is facing censure because of Breivik’s terrible and counterproductive actions, despite his antipathy to that particular part of the nationalist/populist spectrum in Europe.

Just like David Copeland, in the UK, and Timothy McVeigh, in the US, who also committed terrorist atrocities, Breivik hoped – through his actions – to inspire, at least, copycat attacks by sympathisers and later a general uprising against Europe’s cosmopolitan elites by the native population. In time, all that may come, particularly if the pace of Islamisation continues and tensions increase in Europe’s increasingly colonised towns and cities and economic conditions worsen as the political elite continues to ignore many people’s concerns. However, in the short-term, Breivik’s actions will be used to silence people, politicians and political parties who offer the people of Europe real hope and a positive alternative to the dark future the likes of Nick Lowles and the ‘anti-fascist’ cranks of Searchlight promise.

Any crackdown on free speech and free association, both on the internet and the real world, must be resisted.

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