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Russian immigration problem stirs debate

Just like Western Europe, Russia is facing stark demographic problems with a declining birth rate and an influx of outsiders, mainly Muslims, who find it difficult or refuse to integrate.

Under Putin and Medvedev, Russia has developed a degree of political and economic stability though corruption and nepotism remain a big problem in Russian society. A Russian plutocracy is developing with unfortunate links to organised crime that threatens to be as unrepresentative and undemocratic as the old communist system. While on the streets, tensions continue to rise between the Russian natives and the mainly Muslim newcomers.

Just like Western Europe, the immigration problem has prompted some debate in the Russian media and led the authorities to crackdown on Russian nationalist organisations who are gaining support because of the Muslim immigrant influx.

Unlike Western Europe, political correctness doesn’t seem to inhibit the debate on immigration as this article (kindly translated into English by the increasingly influential Russia Today media website) published recently in a Russian newspaper proves.

And leading Russian politicians are beginning to speak freely about the disadvantages such large-scale immigration brings.