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Fjordman blogger goes into hiding after Norway attacks

The popular and influential blogger known as Fjordman has went into hiding after he outed himself to the police following earlier accusations that he was the man responsible for the bomb and shooting attacks against Norway’s political establishment last month. Anders Behring Breivik, who cited Fjordman, among many others, in his rambling manifesto emailed to thousands of people prior to the attacks, has since claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks and awaits trial after his capture by police at the scene of the shootings at a Labour party youth camp near Oslo.

In fact, Fjordman is a 36-year-old Oslo University graduate and civil servant, Peder Jensen, with a political background in the far-left Socialist Youth organisation in Norway. Jensen has been active as Fjordman since 2005 when he started his own blog. He later wrote for the conservative Brussels Journal website and the anti-Islamist Gates of Vienna website.

Fjordman argues that state-sponsored multi-culturalism and immigration, particularly from Muslim countries, is a threat to European civilisation and that radical Muslims are plotting to take over Europe, both demographically and politically, with the connivance, and occasionally open support, of the liberal-left elites that control the media and politics of those host nations.

According to the Gates of Vienna website, Fjordman chose to visit the police, reveal his identity and answer any questions they posed.

The website claims: “It’s no surprise to learn that he has gone into hiding – we’ve all seen what the “anti-fascists” do to people who hold opinions like ours, and Fjordman has to be one of their high priority targets.”

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