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Why has anarchy gripped England?

This week, London is reeling from civil unrest and riot: groups of marauding thugs are once again destroying property, fighting with the police and engaged in wholesale looting.


Well, apologists such as Lee Jasper, the self-proclaimed “General” Lee Jasper – he was the £127K-a-year ‘race adviser’ for Ken Livingstone when he was London Mayor – who resigned in disgrace after giving £100,000 of public money to an organisation run by a woman he wanted to “honey glaze” maintains it is all a matter of race discrimination. Surprise, surprise!

See here for details of Jasper’s mischief-making.

Another apologist is Dan Hodges, the son of the Labour MP, Glenda Jackson, and occasional smear-monger for the far-left Searchlight organisation.

See here for more cringe-worthy justifications.

The reality is rather disparate.

North and South London have become festering sink estates – thanks to unfettered immigration, an emphasis on “multiculturalism” and wholly spavined left-liberal social policies designed at supposedly enabling immigrants to meld with established society and culture by the process of statute aimed at elevating quasi-literate ne’er-do-wells to a social and economic position above the norm.

In London 70% of gun crime is committed by Black youths (Murder Blues, BBC1, 2005).
In London, in last 5 years over 100 black youths have been shot dead (Murder Blues, BBC1, 2005)
For Black youths in London guns have become a fashion accessories (Murder Blues, BBC1, 2005)

The areas worst affected by gun crime are London’s Black Afro-Caribbean communities and due to this the phrase “black-on-black” crime has been coined. Tarique Ghaffur (Assistant Commissioner at the time) of the Metropolitan police believes there is “an arms race going on”. (Palmer, 2005). Other ethnic groups are now copying the gun use of Black Afro-Caribbean gangs. Black drugs crime in Britain has long involved Jamaican Yardie gangsters, but now increasing numbers of young black British men in deprived communities are being sucked into a gun culture ( Brown, 2002). The most concerning aspect about this is that some of these young men “see the firearm as something that enforces power and respect (Brown, 2002).”

See here for details

The biggest percentage of lone-parent households is among black ethnic groups. Forty-eight per cent of black Caribbean families have one parent, as do 36 per cent of black African households.

Meanwhile, we, the long suffering and over-patient taxpaying white majority are becoming somewhat tired of apologists and lame duck politicians mouthing platitudes and empty rhetoric as a once proud nation is driven into effective Third World statedom.

Third World statedom for England

Your writer was reliably informed, at the time of the Broadwater Farm Estate riots of 1985, the core reason the Metropolitan Police entered this seedy area in force with clear purpose: Yardie and associate gangsters had amassed a cache of seriously dangerous weapons: these apparently included section machine guns, fragmentation grenades and even an RPG7 (Rocket Propelled Grenade).

Some time later, the Met published a report, clearly demonstrating a majority of violent crimes against the person were committed by Black Afro-Caribbeans.

In essence, problem solving is mainly about firstly identifying the problem prior to promoting any cogent solution: however, if the would-be solution providers are prevented from addressing the nub of a real solution, what chance does society stand?

The rise of ‘gang culture’

Since this time, the grip of the Yardies (ostensibly, a Jamaican crime gang, who while high on drugs and other psychotropic substances, delight in carving the butts of their handguns with a notch for each human life they destroy) has become almost absolute in parts of London.

Feral youths slavishly copy their exemplar: whole swathes of East London have become ‘No Go areas’ for the Metropolitan Police. Their hands are tied by insane Left Wing politicians and moronic Political Correctness; plus, naturally, the spavined Human Rights Act.

Yardies have been expelled from Britain: only to re-enter the country on false passports and under false names. Time after time.

Flats in old mouldering tower blocks have been converted into crack houses, drugs dens and brothels: heavy steel doors fitted and escape hatches knocked through the reinforced concrete floors to the flats above: and if the local would-be law abiding Black Afro-Caribbean community “Snitch”, then simply they’re dead or seriously injured. Or their children are.

Operation Trident was set up by the Met to try and prevent “Black on Black” crime: so the PR puffs maintain.

In truth, it was set up to try and break the fear of retribution for “snitching” and perhaps, more critically, to try, covertly, to attempt to control the flood of drugs and the related gun crime epidemic resulting.

But: hold on!

Hand guns were banned by Parliament back in 1996!

We were promised that anyone possessing an illegal weapon would suffer the most draconian penalties: anyone even connected with illegal weapons would be locked up and the key would be thrown away.

Guns for the criminal, but not for the law-abiding

The reality is not quite the same: since that time, whilst law abiding hobby shooters have been deprived of their hobby and Olympiads forced to train abroad, Britain is awash with guns: powerful large calibre revolvers and automatic pistols: esoteric weapons (Which have never been legalised for private ownership) such as Ingram Mac10 sub-machine pistols; Uzi sub-machine guns and the rest.

Paddy Ashdown wrote a book, “Beyond Westminster: Finding Hope in Britain” in 1989, just after he became leader of the Liberal Democrats: he and I were in correspondence shortly after.

The book was literally shocking: Ashdown recounted meeting kids as young as 12, whose sole ambition was to earn enough from their jobs as drugs mules to trade up their Colt. 375 Magnum Python revolver to buy an Uzi and gain real street cred………………

On BBC Radio recently, I listened to a well spoken young woman from Clapham in London. Her flat was broken into: a gang of thugs “steamed” it, as the culprits would say, taking whatever they liked including her bag, wallet etc.

She called her locksmith, an essential keyholder: who were unable to assist, since one of their vans had just been high-jacked – at gunpoint!

Afro-Caribbean kids in street

Black-Afro-Caribbean link to disorder

As the violence and disorder spread through London’s east and south from Tottenham, it then extended to Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham: Strange? Well, Toxteth, Liverpool; St. Paul’s, Bristol, etc, are all centres of Black Afro-Caribbean population. Now, not surprisingly, Manchester comes into the frame.

Moss Side in Manchester is again a centre of Black Afro-Caribbean population, crime and drugs dealing: backed up by “Gangstahs” and a drugs culture.

Empty promises and politicians

Meanwhile, Prime Minister ‘Call me Dave’ and London Mayor Boris the Buffoon have separately jetted back from their summer vacations, as has the worthless Tory Home Secretary, Theresa May. What did they have to say?

In truth, yet more platitudes and empty promises.

We’ve been hearing these empty promises and stirring words since Margaret Thatcher appointed the hapless Willie Whitelaw as Home Secretary back in 1979. His mantra was, I remember, the “Short Sharp Shock”, which didn’t work because it was too short and wasn’t enough of a shock either! For failing, utterly to control youth crime and disorder, Whitelaw’s reward was to be booted up the social scale to a Baronetcy.

Fast forward to New Labour and Tony Blair: his masquerade of a government’s prescription changed somewhat. It became: “Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime!” Some hope!

Anarchy in the UK

British society now reaps the rewards of a number of conflated issues: unfettered immigration and a wholesale self-delusion of left wing politicians about multiculturalism: a rapidly accelerating loss of control of society in terms of law and order, authority, social cohesion and proper, meaningful, sanctions: the constantly repeated myth, by the Liberal Bleeding Hearts, is that most crime is caused by deprivation, lack of opportunity and the other maundering apologisms of the Do Gooder mindset

Police, magistrates and even prison officers have had their hands tied by political correctness and fear of prosecution from felons and more critically, their “Briefs” – paid for by the public purse, naturally, from our taxes – under the Human Rights Act.

Government and their delegated authority have lost control of the streets: and anarchy reigns. Magistrates, instead of rebelling, have complacently gone along with the charade: mainly since most adopt the title “JP” as an extension of their self-esteem, social status and ego vacuum.

Our prisons are so full, even violent and dangerous felons are being released early to make space for the next motley crew of villains.

In any case, prisons themselves, even “Hard Time” gaols treat hardened felons as “Guests” and the warders tread around them on eggshells.


Then consider this: prison officers, through their union, have made strong representations to government that their members are being affected by cannabis fumes: from pot smoked by the prisoners!

If it wasn’t so serious, then it would be wholly risible and laughable.!

One would like to think that one of the core roles of warders was to prevent the import of contrabrand into secure prisons. By making this complaint, the prison officers are damning themselves for their own utter incompetence.

Not so it seems in Third World England.

Media doublethink

Mark Duggan Tottenham

Mark Duggan – apparently shot by police in Tottenham

No one in the media has enjoyed the guts to handle the resultant reportage with any degree of veracity. The sorry truth is that the original riot kicked off because a suspected felon, Mark Duggan, was shot: his “partner” (apparently, they are not married, despite having numerous children), when interviewed, suggested that if Duggan did have a gun (apparently, an illegal handgun was found in the cab in which Duggan was travelling), then the police armed response officers should have been to shoot “the gun out of his hand”!

What utter fantasy and make believe!

Hollywood has much to answer for: particularly the myth that “Good” lawmen didn’t shoot bad guys in the back, or shoot first. They did: and anyone with a modicum of close combat experience will, if honest admit, that in real life one shoots the other guy before he shoots you! No cautions given: simply, there isn’t enough time.

Guns aren’t possessed to request the milkman lowers his bill: they are possessed to kill and disable others.

The riots are another sign of “vibrancy” and “diversity”

The massive crime wave in London and this end result, are themselves the result of allowing gangs to create a sub-culture on the streets of London: allow gangs to possess illegal weapons: allow gangs to shoot at each other and innocent members of the public: and like it or not, unpalatable as it might be, the root and core of these gangs is the Black Afro-Caribbean sub-culture which has chosen to create its own apartheid and divorced from mainstream society.

And the cause of this is simply lack of parental discipline and control: and lack of acceptance of and integration and acceptance into mainstream society, fostered by idiot race relations laws and initiatives which have provided a ready mantra and “justification”.

“I’m deprived because I is black: not because I cannot read, count and spell and don’t want to.”

The white kids involved have been sucked into this fantasy world encouraged by sections of the media; they speak Black-Afro-Caribbean jive and are captivated by the ‘outlaw’ culture. Some self-styled “anarchists” have also taken advantage of the deteriorating situation, along with petty criminals from all races and ethnic groups. Muslims youths were also involved with the mainly black gangs in Birmingham in looting shops and attacking the police

Since governments and police have backed off any meaningful correction action, in the cause of the ever repeated and empty justification – “Community Cohesion and Stability” – mainstream law abiding society now reaps the cost.

Personally, I’m sick of this and – I want my country back!