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Revealed: Mark Duggan’s uncle was Searchlight-linked Manchester gangster

The uncle of Mark Duggan, the black criminal whose death at the hands of the police sparked the initial disturbances in Tottenham in north London which led to wider riots across London and many of England’s increasingly multi-cultural towns and cities has been revealed as the late Desmond “Dessie” Noonan. Noonan was once a member of Manchester’s crime underworld, until he was murdered by a Jamaican Yardie enforcer over drugs, and once a key player of Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) in Manchester, which worked closely with the far-left Labour-linked Searchlight organisation, physically attacking and smearing political rivals in the eighties and nineties, until a factional spat ended the dubious relationship between the two groups.

A number of people still involved with Searchlight were members of AFA at that time, which was an alliance of violent anarchist groups and a splinter group from the communist Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP) called Red Action, whose leading members later planted bombs for the IRA in London in 1993.

Noonan himself was also involved in far-left Irish Republican politics.

In other Searchlight news, it has been announced in the August 2011 issue of the Searchlight magazine, that Gerry Gable, one of the founders of the magazine, a former editor and its current publisher, has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Governing Council and Senate of the University of Northampton. It was, rather ironically, awarded in recognition of his “defence of liberal society against the scourges of racism and fascism”.

Accepting the award, the convicted criminal and former Communist Party election candidate, spoke about his nearly fifty years’ work in collaboration with Searchlight and other anti-fascists in the UK (but we bet he didn’t mention his own close links with AFA and Red Action, in the past) and around the world, especially through “gathering intelligence and making purposeful the analysis of such intelligence”.

Civil Liberty is certain Mark Duggan’s uncle, the late and unlamented “Dessie” Noonan would have appreciated what Gerry Gable meant by that statement to the assembled academics and students of the University of Northampton, even if they did not!

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