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Media political correctness, left wing bigotry and the riots

The political left has made a fine job, so far, of making excuses for, if not actively promoting, the recent riots in London and across England’s increasingly multi-racial and multi-cultural towns and cities.

For example, there is the BBC’s tendency to give rioters and looters an air of respectability by calling them “protestors”.

And prior to the riots, various left of centre media outlets were giving a veneer of respectability to a ‘professional’ rioter.

And then there is The Guardian on Wednesday the 10th of August, which is a hilarious example of media political correctness – backfiring!.

On page 10, there is an article entitled “Who are the rioters…”, which tells us that, “it cannot be said they are largely from one racial group.”
Adjacent to this article is a picture of a black woman carrying off some loot. And on the opposite page, there is a picture of two black individuals carrying off a TV set. You would think The Guardian would tone down the level of blatant self-contradiction a bit, wouldn’t you?

Above that, there is a blurred picture of about twenty rioters in Liverpool. It’s hard to make out the race of those involved, but it looks like it might be representative of Liverpool as a whole.

Then, on the previous page, there are mug shots of a collection of looters/rioters. It is a bit debatable as to how many are from which racial group, but I make it six black and six ‘white’ – though some of these may be recent arrivals from the Middle East, etc. In other words, bearing in mind the black population as proportion of the total UK population, it would seem blacks are over-represented in this collection of mug shots by a factor of about ten. But still The Guardian doesn’t get it!

On the inside page, there is a large picture of a group of about two hundred volunteers in Clapham, in London, some carrying brooms, engaged in a clean up after the disturbances in their area. Now what coloured faces do you expect to see here? Even Guardian readers who have not seen this picture know in their heart of hearts what the picture is going to show.

It is a sea of white faces!

What do you expect (unless you are willfully blind and politically correct)?

To be strictly accurate, amongst those two hundred or so white faces, there is one black, one Chinese and one Asian individual, as far as I make out. This is a disgraceful under-representation of ALL non-white ethnic groups, particularly in London, which the authorities (and the media) are always keen to point out how “diverse” and “vibrant” it is now, thanks to mass immigration and multiculturalism.

And didn’t this self-proclaimed “diversity” and “vibrancy” help London win the right to hold the Olympics next year? Oh dear!!

Of course, The Guardian is strictly correct in the above quote when they say the rioters are not “largely from one racial group”. But that’s a phenomenally brainless and naive point to make.

But the important point, so far as the future of the UK goes, is: what is the effect of continuing Black Afro-Caribbean immigration? The standards of a society or civilisation are determined by the average standards adopted by those making up the society or civilisation. Import people with low standards or a nihilistic culture, and what is likely to be the result?

According to The Times (1st Dec, 2007): “most murders in London this year were committed by foreigners, according to Scotland Yard figures….”

Further, according to The Times, leading article, 30th July 2008, the murder rate in the Caribbean is fifteen times that of Western Europe.

As for Jamaica, according to Trevor McDonald, himself originally from the Caribbean, in a programme entitled “The Secret Caribbean with Trevor McDonald”, the murder rate is thirty times that of Britain.

It should be obvious what sort of standards we are importing – well obvious to everyone apart from Guardian journalists and other bigots on the political left.

Sticking with the Guardian: read some wishful thinking from their Northern correspondent.

Watch some footage of the disturbances in Leeds.

See the historian David Starkey set the cat amongst the pigeons on the BBC in the aftermath of the riots as he discusses the detrimental impact of “black culture” on this country and how ‘deculturalised” white English youths have embraced this so-called “culture”.