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The common denominator

This well written article was written by Eddy Butler, now a spokesman for the English Democrats. It was published on his personal blog.

What was the underlying, primary reason for the widespread rioting and looting which took place this week?


By this I do not mean that some sections of the population are alienated due to police repression or because some employment re-start scheme has been dropped due to ‘cutbacks’.

Most are alienated as they are aliens. They are foreigners. The remainder of these alienated people are ‘indigenous’. Both groups are not integrated into society and although seemingly from different backgrounds the reason for their alienation – foreign and indigenous is broadly the same.

Societies hold together when the citizens share common values and culture. When they respect the institutions of state. They have and claim rights, but these are balanced by the performance of duties. That is how civic societies matured over generations and through the centuries.

The political orthodoxy of the liberal ascendancy – shared by the Lib-Lab-Con – is that we are a multi-racial and multi-cultural society. Oh, there has recently been some mutterings about the failure of multi-culturalism, but absolutely no counter measures have been introduced. English mono-culturalism has not been encouraged in the slightest.

The liberal ascendancy’s orthodoxy is that we are a nation of immigrants – like the United States. This is obvious nonsense. Up to about sixty years ago we have accepted and absorbed relatively small numbers of foreigners. The Huguenots, Jewish people and Poles after the last war for example. But all these groups accepted our culture and shared the same Judeo-Christian values. We welcomed small numbers of migrants to our shores as they were often genuine refugees from their homeland, but besides that the English were remarkably homogeneous, largely of course because we are an island nation.

We also had a long and vital history that was free from foreign invasion for the best part of a thousand years. This allowed our institutions to mature slowly and purposefully. As a direct result of this, parliamentary democracy is one of our gifts to the world. As John Bright said in 1865, “England is the Mother of Parliaments”.

England’s integrated population combined with military and economic success led to a stable civic society. While other countries experienced revolutions and coups d’état, we had elections.

But it is easier to destroy than it is to build. The work of centuries has been undone in a few decades.

To accommodate the growing multitude of immigrants from totally different cultures, the liberal ascendancy’s chosen tactic is to embrace all their cultures at the expense of their own. They tremble to demand submission to our own culture. That is something they could never do.

In the United States, the expectation is that migrants should fit in with the American way of life and subscribe to the ‘American Dream’. To an extent France does the same – they banned the burka after all.


But England is the homeland of liberalism. That is our great weakness. Our unrivalled success as a nation in all fields of human endeavour has led to a guilt-superiority complex. That essentially is what liberalism is. At once patronising, callous and hypocritical. The pat on the head while the fighter bombers rearm to rain down expensive munitions on brown heads, in order to encourage the establishment of a stable parliamentary democracy.

Liberalism is self loathing. Thus in England there can be no celebration of St George’s Day. That would be a vulgar show wouldn’t it? There can be no celebration of our history. That would be hollow triumphalism.

We have a situation where foreign cultures are given higher billing than our own and where our achievements are either ignored or denigrated.

While the liberal ascendency has been busy unravelling the social fabric they have been completely and deliberately negligent in providing careful stewardship of our economy. From being the workshop of the world we have become a service and increasingly low-wage economy, dependent upon the finance industry for top end jobs.

This is an incredibly unstable mix.

Large, growing and youthful immigrant populations have not been integrated in the slightest way into our way of life, and their only prospect for employment is to fill the growing number of poorly (by our standards) service jobs. Indeed there are far too many to integrate. But part of their role is to drive down wage levels in the service sector.


Not only does the liberal ascendency fail to integrate these immigrants, it actually teaches them that we are wicked. That we enslaved them or conquered and repressed them. The liberal ascendency suffers from the ultimate ‘culture cringe’.

Yes we enslaved people, mainly black Africans in the West Indies from the 1660s until we abolished slavery in 1833, but most slaves were actually imported in the later part of the 18th century. The institution of slavery persisted for about 170 years. It ended nearly 180 years ago. The black people have been free in the West Indies for considerably longer than they were enslaved there.

We took a lead in abolishing the slave trade and in banning slavery. Indeed it can be said with considerable justification that were it not for England, black people would still be enslaved throughout the globe. In any case slavery was endemic in black Africa long before we arrived there.

Similarly many of our colonies were only coloured red on the map and added to our Empire in the last few decades of the 19th century and most were granted independence by the 1960s. Commonly they were only under the Union Flag for less than eighty years and have been free for over forty.

We were the world’s main colonial power, but ruled with a light hand compared to other nations. We built roads, railways, schools, hospitals, provided order and introduced the rule of law where there was despotism and chaos. We gave much more than we took.

Is this magnificent achievement what the liberal ascendency teaches young people at schools?

Do they celebrate our gifts to the world? No they go out they way to encourage a false sense of entitlement. They foster bitterness and resentment.

English people, particularly in the south west were routinely taken as slaves by Moors to North Africa. Do we have a chip on our shoulder about this?

Our own people were effectively enslaved by industrial barons throughout most of the 19th century. Is there a massive resentment about this still? Was there ever that much resentment when you consider the squalor the people of the English industrial cities had to live in? It was not much better in the countryside with our rural poor routinely treated no better than were the Irish peasantry. No we took it on the chin and moved on.

Is this what the liberal ascendency teaches young people at schools?

The liberal ascendency – through the BBC, though the entire educational establishment from to university, teaches that the wicked and bad English have always been beastly to everyone with whom they come into contact. They do not celebrate our history.


Every society has its lumpen elements. We have our own scum. A wise society would attempt to spark some form of idealism or inspiration within their souls or at least make them feel that they are part of a greater whole. If you loosen the bonds that hold a society together then these elements will almost immediately revert to an atavistic state.

They have been alienated and taught not to care. They have been taught that they are not part of anything. They are also at the bottom of the heap with no prospect of a decent long term career.

The failure of the liberal ascendency to promote our indigenous culture and traditions is directly responsible for the growth of the white semi-criminal underclass that gleefully joined in the recent disturbances.

In many ways they have aped the behaviour of the immigrant looters. The historian David Starkey created considerable controversy by suggesting that the indigenous criminal class has absorbed West Indian gang culture. I would suggest this is not strictly true, as the West Indian, African, Asian and the white underclass have all adopted a bastardised version of Brooklyn-Bronx-Harlem ‘gangsta rap’ culture.

So the liberal ascendency’s promotion of foreign culture and denigration of our own has simultaneously encouraged resentment in the immigrant communities, failed to integrate them so they feel no connection with or respect for the society they live in and has led to the alienation of the indigenous underclass. What a catastrophic and incendiary mix – as we have seen.

How will the liberal ascendency respond to this week’s riots and looting?

An extreme example was provided by Ken Livingstone who couldn’t contain himself from blaming ‘cut backs’. We can be absolutely certain that they will not start promoting English culture and traditions and ensuring that everyone living in England adheres to our established norms. That is an impossibility for them. On this front there will be more surrender and appeasement.

A week after the riots a rally took place in the middle of Tottenham, white left wing middle class demonstrators held up placards that proclaimed ‘Blame the bankers not the looters’.

Excuses will be made. The involvement of the relatively small numbers of indigenous scum in the disturbances will be talked up. It might also be added that in many places the white faces seen on camera were actually Eastern Europeans.

The other reflex action of the liberal ascendency is repression. One of the consequences of living in a multi cultural state is the decline of civil liberties. Civil liberty can only flourish in a society at peace with itself. One of the justifications given for the abortive introduction of Identity Cards was to establish who was who in a country that despite being surrounded by water had borders that could not apparently be controlled.

We will see an increase in police powers.

The only way the state will be able to maintain order will be through the use of increased force. It will be interesting to see if they baulk at this as riots and looting increase in frequency and brutality. The lesson of recent history is that the liberal ascendency can act with vicious brutality to defend its interests. This is most nakedly seen in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. Will they do it here?

However the state can be guaranteed to use its most violent and repressive force against those who oppose the looting and rioting and who try to offer a viable solution. The EDL for example will cracked down on to show ‘balance’.

We will see more gated and guarded communities as people try to protect themselves and their property. It will not be long before civil disorder is characterised by the houses of the rich and famous being raided and ransacked – with fearful consequences for those at home at the time. England is a small country. Few places are out of reach of our lovely enriched cities.


There was most certainly a strong ‘racial’ component to these disorders, notwithstanding the involvement of indigenous white trash elements. This is certainly the case in some northern areas and also believe it or not in Clacton-on-Sea in Essex 50 local guttersnipes gathered only to be speedily dispersed by the police. I also know that in the East End some white trash got involved in looting. Unfortunately the residual white populations in some of these inner city areas is often disproportionately from the criminal class.

Some black people got a thrill out of humiliating white people; forcing them to strip, gratuitously beating them up. There was the pensioner who was kicked to death in Ealing. It can be pretty much guaranteed that the liberal ascendency will ramp up the feeling of entitlement and resentment which finds expression in these all too common place racial attacks. Along with more armed police we will see more prominence given to ‘Black History Month’ with tearful talks of the slave trade and colonial brutality.

This will lead to more trouble, more instability and more white victims.

However it will not be a clear ‘Race War’. This will disappoint those who dream of such things to provide clarity, where ones skin is ones uniform. However white trash and Eastern Europeans will continue to be involved in disorder. Then there are the left wing cheerleaders of the rioters who mistakenly think they can be used as stormtroopers for their dream of red revolution.

The riots will sometimes be about pure criminality as we saw this week. In such circumstances many immigrant communities, where they have established successful businesses, will be hostile to the rioters.

There will however be quite different disorders and attacks originating from the rapidly growing Moslem communities. It will be a complex picture.

Just as economic decline tends to be gradual with no set piece collapse, so the disorders the riots will ramp up gradually with lines blurred. This calls for a subtle approach. Simplistic black and white solutions will gain no traction.

One of the ironies of the current situation is that most recent immigrants (and the overwhelming majority of immigrants are recent) came here from much more repressive regimes. Complaints about heavy handed policing or police brutality, should be measured against what would happen in say Nigeria or Turkey. It is a matter of expectation. The immigrants expect our police to treat them with kid gloves as they are taught from the moment they touch down here that they have ‘rights’ and one of the most important rights in their minds is to feel victimised.

Many of these recent immigrants come from states where violence is routine. Where there is no respect for the law, expect where it is backed up by an automatic rifle.

We will see minor tinkering with stricter law enforcement, most of which will be implemented against the white community. This will be coupled with more appeasement to the demands of the immigrant communities and the payment of the modern equivalent of Danegeld through more grants for ‘community projects’ and so forth. This will have the exact opposite effect to that which the liberal ascendency in their uncomprehending way expect.

The liberal ascendency arrogantly expects everyone to like what they like and to respond to events in the way they would respond.


Winston Churchill said of ‘the Huns’ that they were ‘either at your throat or at your feet’.

The same can be said of the various communities that are prone to rioting and looting. It would be far better if they are at our feet. But how?

I do not want to see our liberty and hard won freedoms jeopardised on the altar of multi-culturalism.

But the immigration situation has got out of control.

The door must be closed tight shut.

We must withdraw from the European Union and all European nationals working here should, return home unless we want them to stay to fill specific posts due to skill shortages.

Illegal immigrants should be returned to their homeland. Anyone found without the necessary proofs of entitlement to residence should be removed immediately.

The status of people who have come here to claim asylum should be reviewed. Anyone with a bogus claim should be removed immediately. It must be remembered that genuine asylum seekers claim asylum in the first safe country they come to after fleeing their own. The granting of asylum is nearly always necessarily a temporary state of affairs.

Criminals who do not have citizenship should be deported upon completion of their sentences.

If it is not clear where any of these people should be sent then they should be isolated from society in camps pending their removal. This will also encourage them to remember where they came from.

If vacancies arise as a result of this then our own underclass must be pushed into work. This will be part of their salvation through the uplifting experience of gainful employment. The long term sick lists will need to be swept through, so also lightening the welfare bill.

There must be no state sponsored support for non indigenous cultural expressions. If anyone wants to take an interest in foreign culture then that would be their private prerogative. Similarly if anyone wants to worship a religion outside the Judeo-Christian tradition then that should be their right, but it should not receive the support of the state.

There would be no rate relief, charitable status or grants. Planning Permission would seldom be given. Our education system would promote our achievements and teach our history.

This would mean that immigrants that stay here, whether they are first second or third generation, would tend to conform to our ways.

It would almost certainly be necessary to introduce some form of national service to unite the population in a shared experience, instill discipline, provide a large trained reserve for national self defence and enable the completion of various essential national reconstruction projects.

It is essential that the people who stay here are integrated as quickly as possible. In the short term there would have to be a willingness to use force where necessary to subdue violent elements within our society.

We should not baulk at any level of force in order to restore order and keep these lawless and violent elements from attacking peaceful people… but that is another story.

To be able to get into a position where any of this can be implemented we must not be diverted. We need a party that is robustly patriotic, that defends the identity of our homeland, but is welcoming to those immigrants that have accepted our norms. That is the only way in which we will gain enough support to save us all from destruction.