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TWAFA’s ‘Mike Hartman’ is dead!

Kenny Bell, 62, a staunch supporter of the Labour Party, despite the betrayals over the years by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, a trade union boss and Tyne & Wear Anti-Fascist Association (TWAFA) bigshot died at the weekend after a short battle with throat cancer.

He led the Newcastle City Council Unison branch for ten years and was also Unison deputy regional convenor for the North East of England.

A tribute was paid to Bell, who lived in Gateshead, by Paul Gibson, the deputy Unison branch secretary at Newcastle City Council and leading TWAFA supporter: “Kenny had a strong sense of justice and fairness which characterised everything he did.”

However, Civil Liberty remembers Bell quite differently! In fact, the last time one of our representatives bumped into him was at the local election count in Newcastle’s Civic Centre in May this year where, despite looking obviously very ill, he snarled and swore at political opponents!!

Bell was also instrumental behind the TWAFA’s use, rent free, of Unison’s offices in the Civic Centre in Newcastle as a contact address after they had been turfed out of their previous office. TWAFA is funded by local councils in Tyne & Wear (Gateshead, Newcastle, Sunderland and South Tyneside) and the Northumbria Police Authority. Membership is around 250, at the last count, and includes local councillors, MPs, trade union and far-left activists. It works closely with the Labour-linked far-left Searchlight organisation which is organised by former members of the Communist Party and the ‘neo nazi’ League of St George.

Bell used the name ‘Mike Hartman’ when speaking to the local press on behalf of TWAFA. Another spokesman for TWAFA in the local media is the “marxist” Labour councillor for Wingrove ward, Nigel Todd.

TWAFA, usually on behalf of their stringpullers in Searchlight, would enthusiastically place dubious stories in the local press in an attempt to smear political opponents, particularly in the run-up to mportant local elections.

In another development, Searchlight’s links to the Tory party have recently been exposed as well.

Matthew Collins, a National Front turncoat, has finally published his long-awaited book, entitled (surprise, surprise!) ‘Hate: My Life in the British Far Right’, on his involvement in the so-called ‘far-right’ over twenty years ago. As predicted, the front cover of the book has a large swastika prominently displayed and is required reading for ‘anti-fascist’ cranks everywhere – apparently! By all accounts, it is an entertaining and imaginative read, with a foreward by that well-known Dorset resident (via Barking) the left-wing singer/songwriter, Billy Bragg, and east London Labour MP, Jon Cruddas. The book has been published by Biteback Publishing, which is run by the former Tory blogger and parliamentary candidate, Iain Dale.

Dale has close links to Tim Montgomerie, another Tory blogger, who was instrumental in establishing the ‘Nothing British’ campaign which worked with Searchlight in smearing nationalist political opponents in the run-up to the last general election in May last year.

No doubt, TWAFA’s ‘Mike Hartman’, despite Kenny Bell’s recent death, will be resurrected in time for the next set of local elections, if not before!