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Met’s Flickr rioters gallery

The Metropolitan Police have posted a gallery of 110 (Thursday 18th August 2011) images of suspects they wish to identify and interview following an orgy of violence and criminality in the capital earlier this month. It is conceded that some of the CCTV footage is both grainy, blurred and some photos taken in extremes of light may have an influence on a few of the photos.

Here is our breakdown based on appearance of the suspects:

56 Black African/Caribbean
35 White
14 unidentifiable
5 Asian/Mixed race

The figures speak for themselves.

Nasty stuff in Croydon

Some of the footage from the mainstream media was shocking but a lot of it was taken after the event. Amateur footage from Croydon shows a savage attack on a motorcyclist with the attackers then joyriding the bike just for the hell of it. There are scenes of looting, a sickening attack on a bus and its driver and street fighting while the stationary police line can be seen several hundred yards away.