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White South Africans starve in streets their forebears created

Think South Africa; think the largest and most prosperous economy on that continent; think big game safaris, thriving mine and wine industries; think disadvantaged black Africans who have been victims of discrimination and racism by those privileged and wealthy whites of European descent.

Wrong! Think again of tens of thousands of white South Africans of European descent forced into squatter camps, thousands living homeless on the streets of Pretoria, the city their forebears carved out of the wilderness. Think ethnic cleansing of white South Africans by the violent communists of the ANC.

Nelson Mandela,convicted of setting off a series of bombing actions which he admitted, might be a hero to the deracinated liberals across Europe and the States for creating a rainbow coloured flag but the reality on the ground is that the violence and the discrimination against the Afrikaaner community is being carried out by his ANC cohorts in his name.

Think of a very different South Africa and not one word on this ethnic cleansing from the BBC or the liberal left media. Shame on every single one of them.

Find out about the real South Africa of 2011.

Many tens of thousands of skilled Afrikaner workers are forced to search for food, and sleep on streets of their beloved Pretoria – the city of their forefathers: with black-ruled South Africa’s bevy of anti-white laws; the ruling-ANC regime denies whites ALL means of survival such as jobs, food-aid:

Afrikaner whites have become strangers and outcasts in their own land: denied any rights to food-aid, denied government benefits, and especially denied access to the job market. Just as the nazis did to the Jews, the ANC regime also created genocidal laws denying whites all the means of survival in South Africa, the land of their birth. Many tens of thousands of skilled but legally-unemployable teachers, medical workers, municipal workers, electronic-engineers, mining engineers, IT-specialists and office workers are not allowed to work n South Africa at all: only because of their paler complexion: they are barred by LAW from the labour market because of the ethnic group they belong to, and because of the language they speak. This picture and many others were taken on August 24 2011 on the streets of Pretoria by military-analyst Pieter Oosthuizen, author of the book about the Afrikaner Genocide – he has been keeping a detailed record of the ongoing genocide of his people.