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That peaceful carnival

This is the picture of the Notting Hill carnival which Scotland Yard decribed as passing off “peacefully.”

This dramatic picture, taken on Monday evening shows a knife attacker fleeing from the scene of his crime just 6 feet away from two Met police officers. The victim can be seen in the middle of the picture wearing blue jeans and a striped top. Within a minute he will have collapsed and be attended to by police and paramedics.

There seems to be no attempt by the two officers to move towards the alleged perpetrator who is carrying his blood stained knife in open view.

It is left to a middle aged man laden with shopping to try and stop the knifeman by attempting to trip him up; an incredibly courageous move to make given the attacker still has the knife ready to be used again if needed.

Although four men aged between 20 and 21 have been arrested over the incident a description of the main suspect “…a light-skinned black man who was wearing a dark blue sweatshirt and similar-coloured scarf, dark jeans and blue trainers”, suggests that the man in the photograph has so far not been apprehended.

An unedited version of the same picture can be seen on the Telegraph website.

Police made 214 arrests during the two-day street festival.

More than 70 tonnes of waste was cleared by 170 cleaners and 60 vehicles over three hours on Monday night, Westminster Council said.