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Lib Dem conference revolt over police vetting

Lib Dem delegates attending the party’s annual conference in Birmingham have objected to intrusive and unacceptable police vetting procedures prior to the gathering. One Lib Dem delegate has been refused access to the conference as a result of police advice, while another delegate was eventually allowed to attend after party authorities rejected police advice. No reasons for the police advice have been made public.

The police vetting procedures prompted an angry debate at the conference which has been the subject of an unprecedented security operation following threats made against previous Lib Dem conferences by far-left protesters upset at the party’s participation in a government coalition with David Cameron’s Conservatives. Deputy Prime Minister, Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg, is also subject to round the clock protection by police and security officers.

During the debate over police vetting procedures, concerns were expressed by some Lib Dem delegates that the police vetting was very intrusive for those members who had recently changed sex since they would be asked to reveal their previous identities.

Apparently unconnected to the Birmingham conference, anti-terrorist police have arrested six people in the city in connection with an ongoing terrorist plot. Recently, West Midlands Police had to remove CCTV cameras positioned in predominately Muslim areas of the city after revelations they had been funded from the anti-terrorism budget.

Speaking at the conference, Nick Clegg told delegates that he wanted the party to shake off its “too male, too pale” image.

One delegate seems to have taken the words of the self-hater Clegg to heart.

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