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UK government’s budget cuts will result in more immigration

An excellent letter exposing the crass stupidity of the plan to end a scheme which helps return immigrants to their countries of origin was published in the liberal Observer newspaper last Sunday, the 2nd of October. The Home Office voluntary repatriation scheme helps immigrants return home and should be expanded rather than curtailed in the opinion of the letter writer since, despite the initial cost of resettlement grants and administration, the scheme saves millions of pounds in the long-run through savings on benefits and other services that immigrants use once here. The letter to the newspaper reads as follows:

Help immigrants go home

“Rapid immigration has many serious negative consequences: it can overwhelm local authority services, push up rents and house prices, lower wages and cause inter-ethnic tension and unrest (“Axe of migrant return scheme ‘will cost taxpayers £2m a year'”, News, 25th September).

However, every time an aspiring immigrant is denied entry to the UK, it may be a personal tragedy for them and can lead to expensive legal battles.

The scheme that helps immigrants to return to their country of origin if they want to do so, avoids this problem. It helps reduce net immigration while also helping the individuals involved. It is, therefore, ridiculous for the Home Office to propose scrapping the scheme, especially when, as you point out, the official figures show that the scheme saves more money than it costs.

If David Cameron is serious about reducing net immigration, he needs to tell the Home Office to think again.”

Richard Mountford

Read the full story about the Home Office’s madcap idea to end the voluntary repatriation scheme for immigrants.