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‘Mixed Britannia’: The Brave New World

The BBC is currently busy plugging a new season of TV programmes entitled ‘Mixed Race’ extolling the virtues of racial integration and miscegenation in the British Isles. The season is fronted by George Alagiah, the genial and seemingly good-natured BBC newsreader, originally from Sri Lanka, who has an English wife and a mixed race family and who seems to think race in modern Britain isn’t important anymore!

See this interview here.

Despite the disingenuous nature of Alagiah’s remarks in that interview, even the most dim-witted (or politically correct) native Brit will be able to discern the propaganda ploy involved in this series of BBC programmes and the logical outcome and eventual result of any further racial integration and miscegenation in these islands.

Even the self-proclaimed ‘vanguard of the proletariat’ – presumably mixed race in composition – seem suitably impressed by the BBC’s latest efforts! See here.

The post-war immigration disaster

Beginning in 1948, the post-war mass migration of mainly coloured people from the British Empire (later the ‘New Commonwealth’) with successive waves of migrants from the Third World and beyond until present day is likely – unless it is effectively curtailed and reversed – to be as significant as the Anglo-Saxon settlement of post-Roman Britain in the 5th century and as devastating as the Norman Conquest of England in 1066!

Despite militant resistance to both those historical developments, the contemporary demographic colonisation and biological transformation of the people of moden Britain (principally the ethnic English, but not geographically confined to that ancient nation and its people) is now openly welcomed by the liberal political establishment, corporate elite and mainstream mass media in a bout of self-hatred and flagellation unparalled in human history. At first glance, it appears they have a naive (and forlorn) hope that even if the population is radically tansformed and changed beyond recognition, via mass immigration and mixed race relationships over the next half century or more, resulting in a coloured/mixed race majority (with a pronounced Islamic bias, no doubt), the liberal institutions that permitted such a transformation (namely, the monarchy, Parliament, the BBC, public schools, universities, the judiciary and the higher echelons of the civil service) will remain essentially the same, despite the increasing possibility – highlighted by the spate of mixed race looting and riots in England over the Summer – that large parts of the country, in particular the inner cities, will become no-go areas for law-abiding people of all races and creeds and that the civil liberties every individual has taken for granted for so long, regardless of where they live in the country, will be squeezed and degraded as a result of the draconian policing methods required to control such areas.

How did this happen?

How did this fundamental transformation take place in such a short space (roughly 50 years) of time? What factors enabled such a development unparalled in modern history outside of North America, the Antipodes and the so-called New World where, (unlike today,where the situation is reversed) a seemingly inferior civilisation was faced by a technologically superior civilisation and succumbed as a result of the clash of civilisations? Today, a praiseworthy civilisation built on centuries of strife and struggle faces demographic obliteration as a result of the ideological emasculation of its leaders and the political castration of its people.

The legacy of Empire

Post-war mass immigration is largely a legacy of the British Empire. However, much contemporary migration, particularly for economic reasons and dubious asylum seeking, has a dynamic unrelated to the former British Empire, even though it remains just as damaging. The 1948 Nationality Act passed by the first post-war Labour government signalled the beginning of this imperial immigration headache which would remain an ongoing influx for twenty years into Britain’s larger towns and cities. Even now, the legacy of Empire is behind the ongoing influx of migrants from Asian sub-continent and Africa, despite spurious efforts to control it.

The prinicpal reason for this influx was the need for cheap labour in order to restore Britain’s shattered capitalist economy after more than five years of war. The search for cheap labour still drives contemporary immigration, particularly from Eastern Europe and beyond, largely enabled by the globalist economic juggernaut that is the European Union. Short-term (and short-sighted) economic factors resulted in an influx of Pakistani and Indian workers to man the textile factories of many Norhern towns and cities, which soon closed due to stiff econmic competition from abroad and relocated – in some cases – back to India and Pakistan! The myth of jobs too dirty for native Brits to do soon arose as well, though there was a distinct shortage of coloured immigrants attracted to work down Britain’s pits and shipyards many people observed.

Anti-Nazi backlash and liberal dogma

As part of the backdrop to those first waves of immigration was a widespread revulsion and public backlash against Nazi ideology which had resulted in concentration camps and widespread atrocities against racial and ethnic groups perceived to be a threat by the Nazi authorities in occupied Europe during World War Two. In such an atmosphere, anyone who spoke in defence of “race” or who recognised the importance of “race” in human affairs was likely to be smeared as a ‘Nazi’ by political opponents and early advocates and supporters of multi-culturalism and racial integration in post-war Britain. Also significant was the revival of Sir Oswald Mosley’s Union Movement, established by the former leader of the pre-war British Union of Fascists, who despite his eloquent and principled stand against coloured immigration into the UK was easily smeared and dismissed as a ‘Nazi’ by unscrupulous foes. That pattern of smear and abuse has continued until present day against all opponents of mass immigration usually involving collaboration between the mass media, agencies of the British state and ‘anti-fascist’ cranks intent on social engineering or worse!

The prevailing liberalism endemic across all classes of people in the native population compounded later by the growing power of a politically correct dogma also helped multi-culturalism and integration to gather pace. Even today, despite the obvious problems of immigration and multi-culturalism, the notion that nationalism and a self-confident racial and ethnic identity are necessary for a self-sustaining stable and prosperous society is condemned as “extremist” by most liberal commentators and regarded as “unBritish” by many more people, albeit usually with dubious agendas. In fact, Political Correctness, imported from American academia, started life as a linguistic theory confined to the margins of political life in this country, a school of Marxism condemned very recently as a manifestation of the ‘loony left’, but which now takes centre stage in the political, cultural and social life of our people encouraged by all the powers of the British state, the corporate world and the mass media.

The treachery of the traditional political class

Finally, the connivance and cowardice of our traditional political class in this country must be highlighted as a factor in the ongoing transformation of our country. Many older people still remember Enoch Powell’s prophetic ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech in 1968 warning against such a transformation. Despite the enormous popular support from ordinary people Enoch Powell received from that speech, his reward from the craven political establishment for stating what everyone else could see with their own eyes was demotion, isolation and then effective political exile. Likewise, Tory leader and later British prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, on the eve of the 1979 general election warned that people did not want to be “swamped” in their own neighbourhoods by uncontrolled immigration. As with many more examples since, most recently the words of David Cameron against the pernicious effects of multi-culturalism, those words turned out to be hollow and any stand against ongoing mass immigration proved false.

Those factors, and the continuing propaganda of the agencies of the British state, particularly the BBC, national and local government, and the cooperation of the corporate world in the project to transform our country, via multi-racial advertising and brand management by mainly multi-national corporations, from a relatively peaceful mono-racial land into an uneasy, unsettled and strife-prone multi-cultural cog of the world economy has resulted in the debilitating notion that such a transformation is now a fait accompli and nothing can be done to reverse it.

Over the decades, the nationalist and populist opposition to such a transformation has been split, smeared and, in general, badly led. Moreover, during the same post-war period, the native population has had a full belly, the welfare state and a TV screen (along with other consumer baubles) to distract and dumb them down in advance of their obliteration as a racially-intact, proud, self-governing and sovereign people.

How we can awaken our people to confront the peril that now faces them and the biological obliteration that awaits remains open to discussion.