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Antifa terror gang is smashed

Six ‘anti-fascist’ cranks are already in jail after a violent attack on two German tourists at Welling train station in March 2009.

Jonathan Wood, 22, whose parents are Labour councillors in his home town of Maryport in Cumbria, was given a suspended prison sentence after the first trial, while the others were each given twenty one months in jail. In 2008, Wood had been a Labour candidate in Cumbria, despite being a member of the trotskyite communist Militant/SPEW organisation whose leaders were thrown out of the Labour Party in the 1980s.

Ringleader Sean Cregan, 44, from Streatham, punched one of the Germans in the face as he stepped from the train at Welling in Kent. Austen Jackson from Westcliff-on-Sea, a 40 year-old punk rocker with a bright red mohican, then kicked the German in the head following the vicious assault by Cregan. Asian thug Ravinder Gill, 39, from Bedford, threw a bottle at the other German tourist as he attempted to flee from the advancing mob. Andrew Baker, 40, from Basildon, and Thomas Blak, 34, originally from Denmark, but living in Hackney, joined a mob of up to thirty others, many of them hooded, including Philip de Sousa, 37, from Brighton, and Jonathan Wood, living in Leeds at the time of the attack, and chased both Germans along the railway tracks in a concerted effort to assault them again.

All seven were convicted of conspiracy to commit violent disorder. Most of those convicted had already been convicted of similiar offences in the past, hence the prison sentences. The Danish thug currently remains in HMP Wormwood Scrubs and faces deportation on the completion of his sentence, while the others have been moved to jails in southern and central England. The authorities should also explore the possibility of denaturalising and deporting the Asian thug as well for his violent activities in the Antifa terror gang. This gang has also been implicated in a vicious assault on political opponents in London some months prior to the Welling train station attack hence the special interest of the Metropolitan Police and Special Branch in their subsequent activities.

In total, twenty three members of the Antifa terror gang were arrested following the attack, some at the railway station, while others were arrested by police after dawn raids on houses around the country following a thorough and lengthy police investigation.

Immediately before the second trial, charges were dropped against two of the ‘anti-fascist’ cranks, leaving nine to face trial at Blackfriars Crown Court in London. The trial began on Monday the 12th of September with all nine facing charges of conspiracy to commit violent disorder. Three weeks later, all nine were acquitted, despite the earlier convictions of the ringleader Sean Cregan and his closest associates in the Antifa terror gang.

Despite the acquittals, the recriminations have already started in ‘anti-fascist’ crank circles.

One Antifa supporter said: “These trials have totally made Antifa effectively inactive.”

The supporter conceded the terror gang had been smashed as a result of their own stupidity, concluding: “There needs to be some serious discussion around the strategy and tactics of militant Antifa street actions, because from what I can see this ill-thought action fucked us up pretty well!”

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