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English sunset?

Written by nationalist spokesman and elections guru Eddy Butler, this article first appeared on his blog and makes some insightful comments on the highly likely but not inevitable forthcoming demographic holocaust facing the English people and a sensible nationalist response to that fate.

According to the Office for National Statistics the population of the United Kingdom is set to increase by 4.4 million to reach 65 million by 2016. Over the next five years there will be an increase of 880,000 a year.

Projections indicate that the population will rise to 71 million by 2031. That seems on the low side as it suggests an increase of another 6 million in the 15 years between 2016 and 2031. That is an increase of 400,000 a year.

By 2051 they estimate that the population will be 77 million. That is an increase of only 300,000 a year between 2031 and 2051.

Clearly they think the velocity of increase will slow down. I don’t know what they are basing that on. When the last projection was made in 2004, it was estimated that the 2016 population would be 63.5 million. So seven years ago they underestimated the increase by 1.5 million. This rather suggests that the figure of 71 million will be reached significantly sooner than 2031.

The increase is caused by longer life expectancy, a drastic increase of births over deaths, and large scale net inward migration.

The increase in population will be much larger in England than in the rest of the United Kingdom.

Between 2011 and 2016 England will experience an 8% increase in her population, while Scotland’s will only rise by 3%.

What does this mean for England?

England’s population will rise from about 51 million now to 60.5 million by 2031. Between 2011 and 2031 the UK population is set to rise by 10.4 million. This means that of those 10.4 million new people, 9.5 million will be crammed into England and just 900,000 spread over Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Yet if we exclude small city or island states, then England is already the fourth most overcrowded country in the world.

This will have a massive effect on the infrastructure of the country – on access to hospitals, doctors, dentists and schools. The roads will be more crowded. There will be problems with water supply and sewage treatment. More money will need to be spent on translation services. It means that there will be much more competition for jobs, particularly at the lower end of the market. With more young people here originating from low wage economies earnings will be driven down to the minimum wage. It will become the modal average wage.

Up until the early 1980s it was usually said that Britain had absorbed around 1.9 million immigrants since the war. That is in 35 years. That is an average of less than 55,000 a year. There was considerable disquiet about rates of immigration at that time. Major politicians addressed these concerns – it was not just the fringe.

In 1968 Enoch Powell made his famous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech and in 1978 Margaret Thatcher said “People are really rather afraid that this country might be rather swamped by people with a different culture”.

These comparatively low levels immigration effected a profound change upon English society. It ushered in political correctness and the multi-cultural dogma whereby the expression of Englishness became more or less verboten.

It affected England because the overwhelming majority of these immigrants settled in England, just as the overwhelming majority of the new immigrants have and will settle in England

It is primarily an English problem that requires an English solution.

What will England look like in just five years time?

The Office for National Statistics estimate that migration will add 190,000 new people a year. The migration figures are net – in other words immigrants minus emigrants. The actual flow, the ‘churn’ is much greater.

If we look at 2010 in particular, 575,000 people immigrated in while, 336,000 emigrated out. This leaves a net figure for that year of 239,000. A large number of people who emigrate are from the host population who give up and move to the Costas or perhaps the Antipodes.

For those who claim that most migrants are Eastern Europeans, the largest single group of long-term migrants were overseas students, with 228,000 arriving in 2010 and 78% of them were from outside the European Union.

In 2009 80% of people granted settlement were from Africa and Asia.

As the age profile of migrants is much younger than that in the host population and because migrants tend to have larger families, the increase in population through births outnumbering deaths will also have the effect of increasing the proportion of migrants and their offspring in England.

The effect of this – the differential birth rates and the fact that most emigrants are, let’s face it, ‘ethnically’ English while few immigrants are – is that England is very rapidly losing its Englishness.

If anyone thinks that these vast numbers of new arrivals will absorb any aspect of Englishness over the next few years, when the very concept of England or what it means to be English is actively discouraged by the liberal ascendency, then they must be living in cloud cuckoo land.

The traditional English population is rapidly declining. It is not reproducing itself in terms of births over deaths and increasing numbers are emigrating.

In England the host population will fall by at least 6 million by 2031. In that time the migrant population will rise by 16 million. That is on top of the changes which have already taken place over the past ten years.

These figures suggest that in 2031 the English will almost be a minority in England.

What is the answer?

Some will run around in circles and demand the compulsory repatriation of every single ethnic foreigner. This is futile and self destructive as English people will not support such a policy in any appreciable numbers. Hard line solutions will not work and are unappealing to our countrymen. That is a simple fact and anyone who pursues such policies must be a fantasist and is part of the problem.

The only answer is to embrace those migrants who share our values, mostly those who came here some time ago, and build a sensible cohesive force that can unite our people and save us from obliteration.

That obliteration will not just be ethnic, it will be cultural also. All our traditions, our customs, our entire way of life will be swept away.

We must put an end to new immigration and deport the many illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers which are hitching a free ride. We must stabilise our population and rebuild our national community.

Ironically liberalism, our own worst internal enemy will die as well. Free speech, free association, free and fair elections, sexual equality, our English Common Law – it will all be lost. The new population will not understand or respect these things. Civil disorder of the sort seen in this summers riots will become the norm.

As I have said, it is primarily an English problem and it will need an English solution. It is another reason why the nations of these islands have to come to a new understanding with each other.

In England it requires a rebirth of our national spirit. A spirit that has been deliberately suppressed by the liberal ascendency for two generations. There are signs that this is happening. We must nurture these new shoots so that they grow and flourish. This is our last chance – our last hope.