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Pro-Islam event in Newcastle cancelled after public backlash

A pro-Islam event – bizarrely named ‘Rising against Islamophobia’ – planned for Saturday, the 29th of October in Newcastle’s city centre has been cancelled with only 24 hours notice after one of the trade union backers pulled out citing health and safety fears.

A statement by the council and police funded Tyne and Wear Anti-Fascist Association (TWAFA) published on the far-left Hope not Hate/Searchlight website said:

“Following a meeting of the City Council and event organisers, we have jointly agreed to work together in order to plan a long-term response to hate crime, racism and Islamaphobia (sic). In the interests of public safety and social cohesion and in recognition of the challenges facing our community, we have decided to postpone the event at the Monument on Saturday 29 October which was designed to bring together communities within the city.

“We have further resolved to work jointly to bring together communities at a further event in the interests of tackling hate crime, racism and Islamaphobia (sic). Cllr Joyce McCarty, Deputy Leader of Newcastle City Council, said: “We understand the impact that crime, racism and Islamaphobia (sic) can have on the people who are victims of it and welcome this opportunity to work with event organisers to provide community cohesion.”

The pro-Islam event was backed by various trade unions and far-left groups. The speakers included Yvonne Ridley, a former candidate for the far-left pro-Islam Respect party and a Muslim convert. The event also had the support of the odious Labour councillor for Elswick, Dipu Ahad, who insists on having political opponents arrested by Northumbria Police for simply disagreeing with him.

On the day, a counter protest of up to 200 people gathered in the city centre from various nationalist groups, including the BNP, English Defence League, Scottish Defence League, National Front and Northern Infidels. The counter protest was also supported by many ordinary members of the public. A small number of far-left extremists still turned up to support the ongoing anti-capitalist ‘Occupy Newcastle’ protest. A large number of police officers kept the various sides apart, but the cancellation of the pro-Islam event was a massive blow to those in the North East of England who want to encourage Third World colonisation in the area and kowtow to the demands of political Islam under the guise of fighting “hate crime” and “racism”.

A spokesman for the English Defence League said: “Another victory for the North East EDL.”

One of the organisers of the event, a Gateshead based teacher, Alex Snowdon, a former member of the trotskyite communist Socialist Workers’ Party, writing apologetically on his crank blog, said: “It’s likely that plans for an initial event will be announced later, then a really major rearranged event soon after.”

By then, the public backlash against such events may be even stronger!