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French military officers support Brexit

French Army on the march

I shall vote Leave on June 23rd because I am a European. I love Britain, I love Europe, but I hate the concept of the EU. That is why I have campaigned for a European Confederation of sovereign states. It is a view that is gaining increasing support on the Continent, and is abused by the old party system and its media mouthpieces as ‘populist’ and/or ‘right-wing extremist’.

No doubt much to the shock of conventional Tory voters, on June 13th the Daily Telegraph published a letter supporting the British Leave campaign signed by three French admirals in Paris. Not to be outdone the following day a letter appeared from three French Army colonels expressing even stronger views. Here are its main points.

“In reality Brexit is about recognising that Europe has gone astray, has missed its vocation and has been pulled down to the lowest common denominator by uninspired politicians. . . .
“Brexit is a reaction to our political leaders giving up the defence of their nation’s sovereignty and handing over their supreme responsibility to third parties. It’s a reaction to the legal drive to overturn individual national histories and cultures in favour of a new subculture that combines consumerism and single-minded administrative systems. . . .

“Brexit may well spell the end for the European Union, but it won’t be the end of Europe. Quite the reverse. It would be a powerful wake-up call to Europe’s leaders. . . . ”

For those who suggest we should stay with the EU and work from the inside to change it to a more democratic Confederation, it has been shown that the EU bureaucrats have rejected every single call for even the slightest modification. To be fully accepted for a start it needs to recognise that the Euro monetary system should be scrapped. The one-size-fits-all straightjacket of the single currency has destroyed Greece as a functional nation. Its unemployment rate is nearly 60%. For those under twenty-five it is 56% in Spain and over 40% in Italy. No wonder the young people from Southern Europe are flocking to Britain for work.

With the abolition of the Euro zone it would allow each nation’s currency to find its own exchange rate against each other, as opposed to being in reality what is best for Germany’s exchange rate. With reduced exchange rates Greece, Spain and Italy, for example, would find a rising demand for their goods and services – which includes holidays for the North Europeans.

Incidentally, the Leave campaigners, including Farage, carefully avoid mentioning that the majority of immigrants in Britain are still coming from Afro-Asia. They might be called ‘racist’ for stating the obvious. Thanks to Frau Merkel’s campaign to let a million come into Europe in less than a year many will continue to feed into the promised land of Britain.