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Old dog, new tricks

Many (former) BNP members remember the role of the misnamed Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), then led by a black Guyanese Labour supporter, Trevor Phillips, during the state’s legal attack on the party in 2009 after the election of two BNP candidates to the European parliament that year.

Now we have the same organisation, led by two well-heeled lawyers, attempting to terminate robust political debate on matters that concern many ordinary folk in the UK.

In an open letter to Westminster politicians, signed by the two lawyers, they have called for an end to “polarising ” language, which they claim is leading to increasing social tension and ‘hate crime’ on the streets of Britain, after the Brexit vote earlier this year.

EHRC chairman, David Isaac, and chief executive, Rebecca Hilsenrath, have something else in common, other than an ongoing interest in the ‘diversity’ industry.

As the Jewish Chronicle explained in a diary entry, dated May 12th, 2016, entitled ‘Equal opportunity knocks’:

“There is a strong Jewish presence at the top of Britain’s equality watchdog. David Isaac, new chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, took up office this week, joining Rebecca Hilsenrath, who was made chief executive of the body last autumn. Mr Isaac, a lawyer who was appointed CBE in 2011, was formerly chairman of LGBT charity Stonewall and trustee of the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.”

When will these interfering people ever learn?

You can read more about the EHRC’s efforts to stifle debate on race and immigration.