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A ‘diversity’ Brexit or bust?

As the legal tussle over Brexit continues, some liberal commentators have noted the lack of ‘diversity’ in the proceedings of the UK Supreme Court which is considering the complex constitutional arguments that will determine whether the government can trigger Article 50 alone, or if parliament needs to be consulted, in due course.

Of the eleven judges hearing the case, one is Jewish, the current president, Lord Neuberger, who had previously worked for Rothchilds, before becoming a lawyer, and one is an Englishwoman, Baroness Hale, the current deputy president, born in Yorkshire. Two of the judges are Scottish, one is an Irish Roman Catholic, while the remaining six are English, all middle-aged males.

All of them were educated at private or independent schools.

Although the Welsh might have reason to complain, along with the state-educated, the make-up of the Supreme Court looks relatively ‘diverse’, in the good old-fashioned sense of the word, pertaining to a Supreme Court in a majority white European country, with a male-dominated judiciary still in place.

Only a modern-day multicultural liberal might consider it a problem, particularly those working for the mainstream media. See more here.