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The BBC are at it again

Irrational and emotional attitudes of BBC personnel towards any deviations from their (un)holy trinity of “Racism, Sexism and Homophobia” are easy to see and would be comical were they not so dangerous.

Take this week’s BBC 2’s Newsnight, coverage of the rise of Europe’s “far right” and the “alt-right” (short for “alternative right”, a loose group of people with right-wing ideologies who reject mainstream conservatism), starting with a look at the so called Identitarian movement in Vienna – the Identitare Bewegung (seasoned nationalists will understand that term).

From the outset, presenter Emily Maitlis – with an obvious allusion to German National Socialism – asked how much ground do they share with the nationalists of the 1930s? And are they a threat to Europe’s old order of liberal democracy, and is populism fomenting a revolution?

Would that be the same “old order of liberal democracy” which has allowed unlimited mass Third World immigration into Europe, allowed the Feminist movement to destroy the traditional role of women, whilst at the same time turning our cities into modern versions of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Interviewing Identitarian group leader Martin Seller, BBC’s Gabriel Gatehouse set the mood, telling us what we should think by stating that “their views would be viewed by many as beyond the boundaries of the acceptable”.

Also, they are different from the traditional “far-right” in that they “disfavour violence, are articulate and tech savvy” with their own TV studio.

Having once served in the upper ranks of the British National Party, with many years on the Advisory Council under Nick Griffin, I cannot recall any allusion to the use of violence to promote the BNP, although our members and campaigners were sometimes at the receiving end of such from the “anti-racist” groups like UAF and SWP.

On the topic of “tech savvy” and “TV studio” – what ever happened to BNP TV?

Anyway, back to Newsnight – Gabriel Gatehouse responded to Seller’s idea that illegal immigrants would be placed “in zones” with “whoa, that has scary overtones, especially in this part of the world”, again, with a reference to National Socialism (a “Nazi refex” said Seller), which left Gatehouse wondering “if they are not Nazis, what are they?”

Of course, no debate about European history can be described as sensible or rational when the term “Nazi” is bandied about. However, the German National Socialists did not refer to themselves by the term “Nazi”, a third-party creation designed to mock.

But then, do we ever get a sensible debate about non-PC topics on the BBC?

Take Mr Gatehouse’s tests to flush out those evil “Nazis” with his checklist: “How do you feel about “gay” people – have you got any “gay” friends”?

With the reply “Not that I would know of”, Gatehouse followed up with “Don’t you think it odd that you don’t have any “gay” friends?”

So, according to the BBC, if all your friends are normal, then there’s something wrong with YOU!!

“What about Jews – you don’t think Jews are running the world in a secret conspiracy?” asked Gatehouse.

“No” came the reply.

Forget “secret conspiracies”, instead look at the many individuals busy promoting mass immigration into Europe, the anti-racism industry, militant feminism, and European history of the first part of the 20th century!

There’s no secret there.

The “post-war western consensus” is being rejected by a younger generation opines Gatehouse – or more specifically, it is that slavish US/Soviet Union settlement at the end of that fratricidal World War 1939 – 1945 against our German cousins which is being rejected.

Brexit was just a tipping point.

See the entire Newsnight interview here.