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UKIP make English nationalist appeal to betrayed Labour voters

The new leader of UKIP, Paul Nuttall, writing in the Sunday Telegraph at the weekend, has made an open appeal to disgruntled Labour voters to back him over Brexit saying the Labour party has “betrayed the English working class”.

He also criticises the impact “open door immigration and crude multiculturalism” has had on English communities, saying it has undermined “social solidarity” among English people.

He also outlined a number of policies including tighter immigration controls and cutting foreign aid spending.

Mr Nuttall was named as the party’s candidate in the forthcoming Stoke Central by-election, where Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party faces a tough fight in an area that voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union last year.

He writes, in a piece entitled ‘Stoke is a chance to rebuild our national identity’: “Shadow home secretary Ms Abbott, and her parliamentary neighbours, the shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, appear to despise the idea of national identity and English national identity in particular….. Together they and others at the top of their party obsess about the issues that excite the Islington dinner party table – Palestinian liberation, the progress of Marxist regimes in central Africa and ‘no platforming’ opponents who question their politically correct claptrap.”

He openly states: ” Quite simply, Labour -especially the Labour of Corbyn and Abbott and Thornberry – has betrayed the English working class.”

In a wider appeal, he declared: “I want to ensure that the British state starts putting the interests of British people and British communities first again. Particularly people in cities like Stoke – where the decline of employment in a traditional industry and the impact of uncontrolled immigration have combined to undermine the quality of life of many residents. Uncontrolled immigration has not only put downward pressure on wages for working class jobs and led to public services and the housing stock being put under strain, it has also contributed to a weakening of the incredible community spirit that once characterised cities right across the Midlands and the North of England.”

He concludes: ” As we move slowly – far too slowly, in my view – towards the post-Brexit era, Britain will get back the freedom it needs to tackle these problems. In Stoke -on-Trent, the capital city of Brexit, I will be setting out a platform for change that can make life better for its people and for communities right across the land.”

Stoke was the focus of previous campaigns by the BNP, and, for a while, the party became the political opposition in the city to Labour misrule, with the election of nine councillors to the city council.

With this BNP-style appeal to the voters of Stoke, Paul Nuttall is leading the English national resistance to left-liberal multiculturalism and mass immigration.

Every patriot should support him and his campaign in Stoke.