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Tony Blair denounces Third World immigration during anti-Brexit speech

When the penny drops, it can make quite a splash.

Even a thoroughly discredited politician can speak truths whilst revolting against an overwhelming political reality.

Tony Blair’s bizarre intervention last week into the Brexit debate calling for people to “rise up” against the process is one such example of a counter-reality moment.

Despite the Brexit vote last year, Blair wishes to confound majority opinion in the country, as expressed in a nationwide plebiscite last June, and reject the verdict of the people.

He said: “We believe we should maintain partnership with the biggest political union.”

However, when talking about immigration, Blair makes some astounding revelations.

He said: “There is in some parts of the country a genuine concern about numbers from Europe – real pressures on services and wages.”

He continued: “But for many people, the core of the immigration question – and one which I fully accept is a substantial issue – is immigration from non-European countries, especially when from different cultures in which assimilation and potential security threats can be an issue. Nevertheless, we have moved in a few months from a debate about what sort of Brexit, involving a balanced consideration of all the different possibilities, to the primacy of one consideration – namely controlling immigration from the EU – without any real discussion as to why and when Brexit doesn’t affect the immigration people most care about.”

So, despite nearly sixty years of unrelenting mass coloured immigration and state-enforced multiculturalism, in which Tony Blair’s Labour government played an inglorious part, the politician who did so much to wreck the UK’s demographic integrity finally admits it was a huge mistake, and Brexit will do little to reduce the numbers from the Third World seeking to enter the country.

Now, all we need is another liberal politician to say the multi-racial experiment should be reversed, and reversed quickly, and every single member (current or otherwise) of the NF, BNP, UKIP, et al, who advocated such a remedy, usually in the face of liberal media hostility and a far-left lynch mob, will feel vindicated at last!

Any volunteers?