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The Media – Enemies of The People?

What a glorious time – after the liberation of Brexit comes the even greater liberation – the US Presidency of Donald J Trump.

Glory be!

Here is a rare individual indeed – ready, willing and able to do something no ordinary career politician would dare do – to lance the boil of that particularly poisonous form of Marxism – Political Correctness.

Just to recap: Political Correctness or PC (from now on it ought to be in capital letters) is that particular form of thought and speech control which prevents the enunciation of factually correct truths (publicly condemned as wrong even when they are right) in favour of the Politically Correct truths which are publicly proclaimed correct by politicians, celebrities, the media and especially the BBC even if they are wrong.

A few examples will illustrate the point: “mass immigration is all enriching; women and men are the same, gender is a social construct and not based on biology; there’s no such thing as race, no scientific basis for race, it’s just a social construct; the male – female work pay gap is due to discrimination (and not lifestyle differences); all the races are the same and equal; homosexuality is normal and a valid alternative lifestyle; Islam is a religion of peace, and nothing whatsoever to do with anti-Semitism (that’s due entirely to white skin-heads, of course!)” – all of these crazy ideas are Politically Correct and factually wrong.

In short, the unholy trinity “anti-Racism, anti-Sexism and anti-Homophobia” sums them up neatly.

Despite these being absurdities, the question is, how have they become mainstream and why is there apparently no way to counter such views without the questioner being cast out as not just wrong but wicked and evil?

Answer: The Media.

Just consider the way nationalist politicians are treated by the media – during election campaigns the press set out to ignore party policies on wider topics such as education, transport, manufacture, etc, but instead question candidates about their alleged “racism” or “sexism”.

They trawl for scandal, highlighting “links” to “extremists”, or past indiscretions.

Broadcast interviews are set with traps designed to “expose” nationalist candidates in the worse possible light, whilst intelligent comments on policies are quickly interrupted.

But now at last, riding to the rescue on his white horse, comes the US Sheriff, the most powerful man in the world, both twitter guns blazing, and telling this very same media cabal that they are “enemies of the people”!!

And they don’t like it one bit – they sneer, they mock, they dissemble and soon they will snivel and cry as they become further exposed.

And look at “our” disgraceful politicians – the so called “progressive” liberals, more concerned with “misogyny”, feminist and homosexual rights, than normal day to day matters which concern ordinary folk, standing in Parliament, sneering at the Sheriff, showing us all what worms they really are.

Oh – and let’s not forget the most comical manifestation of all this – the hysterical wimmin’s street marches!

There they are, with their silly posters promoting “anti racism”, “anti sexism” and their disgusting gynecologically themed feminazi images, all exposed and ridiculous!

Well done, Mr President.