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T-shirt police on the beat in Northumbria

Northumbria Police

Northumbria Police recently arrested and charged Peter Hunt from Ashington, in the north east of England, for wearing an anti-rape T-shirt in Newcastle city centre last year.

He pleaded guilty to a “racially aggravated” Section 5 public order offence at a local magistrates court and was fined £250

The slogan on the T-shirt conflated the words ‘rape’ and ‘refugee’ in a genuine protest against the influx of Third World, mainly Muslim, migrants into Europe, who have been engaging in mass sexual assaults and rapes, particularly in Sweden, Austria and Germany.

Recently, after years of turning a blind eye, Northumbria Police have been getting to grips with an under age grooming scandal involving mainly Muslim immigrants resident in the north east of England, which local politicians and the media chose to ignore for years.

Although not as extensive as the grooming scandals involving other police forces across England, Northumbria Police proved themselves to be just as craven and useless as the likes of the South Yorkshire force, which many people want disbanded after the Rotherham Muslim grooming scandal involving 1400 young English girls over a fifteen year period was uncovered.

Northumbria Police is headed by a failed Labour politician, Vera Baird, and has suffered recently from infighting at the top involving extra-marital affairs and violence involving senior officers, both past and present, which culminated in an embarrassing employment tribunal last year.

Further south, Cleveland Police is also failing to get a grip with real crime and lashing out at those who seek to uncover their incompetence and corruption.

Apparently, we get the police and politicians we deserve, but this state of affairs is swiftly becoming a laughing stock.

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