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Liberal politically correct thought police attack Lib Dem leader

Westminster diversity

The apparent acquiescence of the general public to the idea of same sex marriage along with their acceptance of it is rather strange.

In religious circles some Christians are against it, some appear not to be, and many ordinary folk whose opinions have not yet been sought are probably befuddled by the whole topic.

Currently the media are persecuting Lib Dem leader, Newcastle University politics and history graduate, and Evangelical Christian Tim Farron MP by asking if he thinks “gay sex” is a sin.

After wriggling and squirming for days he has finally said no, it is not a sin. So much for his Christian principles and political backbone!

Why not simply forget terms like “sin” and instead say that “gay sex” is a euphemism for acts of gross indecency, as defined prior to 1967 and before homosexuality was decriminalised in that year?

No fair person would persecute homosexuals for their activities but pro-“gay” groups like Stonewall have queered their pitch (no pun intended) by using the entire “LGBTQ…” topic as a very blunt political tool (again, no pun intended) to damage social cohesion.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell” (DADT) is the best approach.

A significant example of such politicisation of this matter can be seen in the case of the Ashers bakery and the “gay” cake.

And now the civil liberties of freedom of speech and freedom of religion for one individual – post graduate student Felix Ngole – have been undermined after he was expelled from Sheffield University after suggesting same sex marriage is a sin.

Mr Ngole said he had been lawfully expressing a traditional Christian view and complained Sheffield University unfairly stopped him completing a postgraduate degree Lawyers for the university said the decision to remove him from the course had been fair and proportionate, and Mr Ngole was taking a “professionally qualifying degree” with the aim of becoming a social worker and they argued that what he had said would affect “gay” people he might work with.

A judge on Tuesday gave Mr Ngole permission to mount a judicial review of the university’s decision following a preliminary High Court hearing in London.

Deputy High Court Judge James Lewis said it could be argued that the decision was disproportionate.

According to the Christian Legal Centre (part of the campaign group Christian Concern), the university is violating Mr Ngole’s human rights by failing to protect his freedom of speech and his freedom of religion adding “what he shared on his Facebook page simply reflects biblical teaching on sexual behaviour – Felix has worked with people who identify as homosexual, treating them with respect and kindness. What he shared on his Facebook page simply reflects biblical teaching on sexual behaviour”.

Barrister Paul Diamond, who represented Mr Ngole, had told Judge Lewis: “This case is another in a long list of cases where a Christian adherent has expressed the traditional view on sexual sin. It is submitted that such speech is disfavoured by the state and expressions of such viewpoints evince disproportionate sanction. It is the duty of the court to robustly protect British freedoms. Unless he wins this case he will be forever barred from social work. Felix is entitled to express his views, especially ones shared by millions of people around the world.”

Amen to that.

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