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More multicultural mayhem expected in France as Macron beats Le Pen

Multiculturalism Kills

As predicted by the opinion polls, the former Rothschild banker and ‘socialist’ minister, Emmanuel Macron, the darling of the pro-EU globalist elite, easily beat the insurgent nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election over the weekend.

Although eleven million French voters backed Marine Le Pen, Macron convincingly defeated her at the ballot box by winning 66% of the final vote, as opposed to her 34% of the poll, across France.

Previously, Le Pen had made an alliance with her UKIP-style rival Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and reached out to supporters of the defeated conservative and far-left candidates who each polled around 20% of the vote. In the first round of voting, Marine Le Pen achieved the best nationalist result since the Second World War, with 21.3% of the vote, finishing second to Macron, up from 17.9% in 2012, when she had failed to breakthrough and finished third behind Hollande and Sarkozy, both now regarded as political failures. The only other occasion when the Front National qualified for the second round of voting was in 2002, when the party’s founder, and her estranged father, Jean-Marie Le Pen took 17.8% (only a fraction up from his first round vote of 16.9%) when he was defeated by another corrupt conservative, Jacques Chirac.

Founded in 1972, the Front National polled an insignificant 0.8% during Jean-Marie Le Pen’s first presidential campaign in 1974. By 1981, the party was still polling less than 1% of the national vote until the proportional voting system used in the European elections gave the FN 11% of the vote and ten MEPs in 1984. Before that, the party had started to gain traction at local council level and won a famous parliamentary by-election victory in 1983. In 1986, the FN made a major domestic parliamentary breakthrough and in the next decade established itself as a major political force across France.

After her latest defeat, Marine Le Pen talked about forging a new movement of nationalists and patriots, from both the left and right, in order to challenge the globalists who now openly rule France.

Indeed, the old parties of the centre-right and the centre-left are now both discredited and defeated after these latest elections with both their candidates failing to win through to the second round of voting.

Parliamentary elections follow next month, and Marine Le Pen and Macron’s new party are both expected to make gains, along with the far -left led by another rogue former ‘socialist’ minister Jean-Luc Melenchon.

Regardless, France will continue to have huge integration, crime and security problems, particularly with the burgeoning Muslim population in France’s larger towns and cities, particularly Paris. These growing problems look particularly intractable, despite the hopeful rhetoric of Macron at his victory rally in Paris following the result, as France’s liberal establishment continues to support open borders.

By 2022, Macron could easily be as unpopular as his former mentor President Hollande is today.

And maybe a Le Pen will win power after all!

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