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Nation, Tradition and Liberty by Sam Swerling reviewed

Having known for a while about its production, I was certainly looking forward to reading Sam Swerling’s book; Nation, Tradition and Liberty.

The book takes you on a half century journey of Mr Swerling’s involvement in politics which encapsulates Mr Swerling’s stoical service as a Conservative Party Councillor in Westminster and Hertsmere, which included two attempts to enter Parliament as an MP.

In addition, Mr Swerling’s membership and activity as Chairman of the Monday Club is expertly detailed and its demise as a functioning arm of the Conservative Party is sadly articulated.

There are many recorded published articles and letters to various bodies and media outlets where Mr Swerling passionately endeavours to argue the benefits of nationalist economic and social virtues against a tide of political correctness, where to fight for these principles is deemed unfashionable and dated.

Ultimately, I found Mr Swerling’s book to be historical, educational, and knowledgeable.

Whilst a shining example of Mr Swerling’s erudite persona, the book clearly illustrates the regretful deterioration of the British political landscape and one man’s attempt to not only change his direction in tackling and addressing the problem, but to also offer a positive road map to preserve the values we hold dear to this great nation.

Highly recommended and available to purchase online.