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Northumbria Police finally take action against detectives after Muslim grooming scandal failure

As reported in the Sunday Telegraph (on the 24th of December, 2017) Northumbria Police, which covers Tyne & Wear and Northumberland, in the north east of England, has finally taken action against detectives found negligent after rape allegations were described as “no crime” by local cops.

The short report, by Nicola Harley, which failed to use the word Muslim, said: ” More than 50 detectives have been reprimanded after rape allegations were logged as “no crime” in an area terrorised by a grooming gang. Northumbria Police took action after the inspectorate HMIC raised concerns that victims were being told no offence had been committed. More than 150 rape allegations investigated in 2014 were recorded as “no crime” and in some cases the victims were not told their complaint was being listed in such a away. HMIC said that in February it found a high number of rape allegations not being recorded. Investigations took place against 60 officers and 55 faced action. Two officers faced gross misconduct charges, one was dismissed and the other resigned.”

The news has been swiftly buried by the local media over the Christmas period, but you can read about Northumbria Police’s initial failure to deal with Muslim grooming gangs and the belated action taken by police bosses in this BBC report from 2014 (which also fails to mention the M word).