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Enoch Powell’s speech fifty years on

It will soon be 50 years since Enoch Powell MP delivered his now famous speech criticising mass immigration and the proposed Race Relations Bill, quoting a man who had told him: “In this country in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man”.

That quotation always comes back to haunt me when I look at all the trouble non-white immigrants and their subsequent descendants have wrought, and continue to wrought, upon us, either from seeking to restrict our freedoms of expression and speech by laws and political correctness (though not entirely acting alone) all the way through to the McPherson Report into allegations of “institutional racism” in not just the Metropolitan police but in other public bodies, after the Stephen Lawrence murder.

Thanks to mass non-white immigration, all of our institutions (Civil Service, schools, universities, NHS, etc) have totally capitulated to the “whip hand” of Political Correctness.

Look at the endless TV debates, overwhelmingly featuring argumentative black and brown people and the exclusion of white commentators, look at the way the BBC allow only black and brown people to comment on topics such as “racism” or the “far right”, again with little or no balancing input from white folk.

And why did the popular Black and White Minstrel Show have to come off the TV?

Who has the whip hand, now?

The BBC are going to broadcast the entire speech amidst protests from a number of people – not all black or brown (Lord Adonis, the Labour peer, labelled the decision to broadcast the “incendiary” speech “extraordinary” and urged Ofcom to intervene and cancel the programme.(Amol Rajan, the BBC’s media editor, is set to present the forthcoming broadcast).

Another whip holder is Shirin Hirsch, an academic at the “university” of Wolverhampton, who says she is “disgusted by the way the BBC are promoting this” and had “made a mistake” by being interviewed for the show. She wrote on Twitter yesterday: “I’m not going to be included in [the] BBC programme, thanks all.” Dr Hirsch had claimed that the producers had not responded to her phone calls and emails asking for her quotes to be withdrawn.

Ten years ago to the day, I attended the 40th anniversary of the speech in the very same room (now partitioned into two separate rooms) at the Midland Hotel, Birmingham, where the original speech was given.

Powell “look alike” – the BNP’s Pete Mullins (now deceased himself, along with Enoch Powell) read all of it out to an emotional audience.

When we arrived at the hotel venue, we discovered the other half of the partitioned room was occupied by an ‘anti-racism’ meeting – I seem to remember Trevor Philips, former Race Relations Board chairman Sir Herman Ousley and “Lord” Digby Jones, among others, were in attendance. (Jones regaled his audience by saying that the Brits are “a mongrel race”!)

Meanwhile, the BNP contingent helped ourselves to a portion of the ‘anti-racist’ conference’s lavish buffet before undertaking our own reading.