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Fake Jews

The Nation Wreckers

Finally, the latest row over alleged ‘anti-semitism’ within the Labour party seems to have abated, after weeks of headlines, some of them designed to stir things up, rather than explain what was going on behind the scenes.

Ever since Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour party, elements within the parliamentary Labour party, with support from sections of the liberal media, and various (pro-Israel) Jewish organisations have been attempting to denigrate him and his leadership, largely because of his previous foreign policy stances exacerbated by his reluctance to support the recent NATO attack on Syria.

Despite repeated attempts to unseat Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour party’s unexpected success at last year’s general election where the party made significant gains and denied the hapless Theresa May an overall Tory majority in the House of Commons seemingly put an end to the staged faction fighting within the party.

Then, a month or so before the local elections, taking place later this week, where the Labour party is expected to make more gains, particularly in London, a prominent Jewish Labour MP Luciana Berger resurrected an old story about a mural in east London, which Jeremy Corbyn had defended, but had been removed by the Muslim-led council in Tower Hamlets because it was deemed ‘anti-semitic’ by various (pro-Israel) Jewish organisations.

Suddenly, all the previous rows involving Jews within the Labour party came back with a vengeance culminating in tears in the House of Commons, as Jewish Labour MPs and their supporters made emotional denunciations of their alleged ‘anti-semitic’ abusers. And bizarre scenes outside a disciplinary hearing last week where another female Jewish Labour MP, Ruth Smeeth, was escorted by fellow Labour politicians into the hearing intent on forcing a longstanding black activist, Marc Wadsworth, from the party who had alleged Smeeth was working with the liberal media at a previous public meeting (about ‘anti-semitism’) resulting in more (crocodile) tears and more (fake) outrage at the time. He was finally expelled for bringing the party into disrepute, rather than any kind of ‘anti-semitism’.

Last month, after relentless pressure, Jeremy Corbyn apologised (at least three times!) for ‘anti-semitism’ in “pockets of the party” and held meetings with various Jewish organisations, some of them pro-Israel, others not, which itself sparked more (fake) outrage..

However, Len McCluskey, the head of Unite trade union and the party’s most powerful backer made accusations of “sustained smearing” by opponents of Jeremy Corbyn within the party, some of them Jewish, others not. He said: ” I look with disgust at the behaviour of the Corbyn-hater MPs and understand why there is growing demand for mandatory reselection.”

Following that, the liberal media, particularly the Murdoch-owned Sunday Times, switched tack and accused Corbyn of being in the pocket of the Kremlin, as more tensions in the Middle East begin to bubble up again (involving Israel).

You can read more about Ruth Smeeth and the row about alleged ‘anti-semitism’ within the Labour party.