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Don’t speak the truth, as social media can’t stand it!

Twitter on mobile phone
Twitter on mobile phone

I’ve written articles on this site before about censorship on social media, and the strange assortment of ideas and statements that Twitter, Facebook, etc, are starting to block.

My latest experience in this regard is that I was banned from Twitter a few days ago.

I’m not sure whether it’s a temporary or permanent ban. But what is of more interest is that they banned me for saying things that are quite clearly true!!

They objected to two tweets, apparently. In one of them, I said that the majority of terrorism is down to Muslims. Well, that point is backed up by Home Office figures. In fact to say that the majority of terrorism is down to Muslims is gross understatement. According to table 1.18 (p.40) of this Home Office publication (left hand column) terrorist offenses by Muslims outnumber terrorist offenses by Buddhists, Catholics, and other groups by roughly a hundred to one!

My second “sin” was to claim that Islam is a “far right” ideology. Well, that again is clearly true. As everyone knows, bar fake left ‘anti-fascists’, Muslims to have a tendency to go in for such delightful activities as homophobia, killing or threatening to kill authors and cartoonists, treating women like dirt, anti semitism, and so on. If groups such as UKIP or the BNP, went in for those odious practices, the retards who make up the political left would be screaming “far right” for all they are worth.

As I pointed out in earlier articles, when it comes to banning people social media is erratic in the extreme. The above recent experience of mine simply confirms that assertion.

The moral is this: when engaging in social media, remember that what you see is not a representative cross section of the opinion of ordinary people. It’s more likely you are seeing what social media corporations want you see. The only exception are the social media sites which are not censored, such as Gab, which is growing in popularity, as a result.