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The trouble with Islam

Muslim protest in London
Muslim protest in London

Section 3A of the Public Order Act says that anyone criticizing a religion can potentially be prosecuted for trying to “stir up hate”, and be given a seven year prison sentence.

See page 49 of this Sentencing Council work for a few more details.

Now there’s a big problem there, namely why are we prosecuting people for criticizing religion while people are free to use any old extreme language against a range of other movements and institutions: e.g. the royal family, political parties, atheism and so on?

And let’s stop beating about the bush here: we all know which religion is primarily involved.

It’s Islam.

In short, why is Islam granted special privileges? Or to put it more bluntly, why do we allow a type of ‘racism’ in the form of treating Muslims differently from other groups? Of course, it’s true that Islam is, at least ostensibly, a religion, not a race. But about 95% of Muslims in the UK are non-white, so opposition to Islam is ‘racism’ of a sort, as is the granting of special favors to Islam.

Well, every bricklayer, plumber and taxi driver knows why Islam has been granted special privileges, though whether the political commentators writing for broadsheet newspapers have worked out the answer is much more doubtful.

The reason is that Muslims are a violent lot: witness the fact that according to Home Office figures a Muslim is about a hundred times more likely to commit a terrorist offence than a Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic, Atheist, etc.

Indeed, that “hundred times” figure is obvious just from common sense. That is, every time there’s a terrorist offence you know there’s about a four in five chance of a Muslim being responsible. And given that Muslims make up one in twenty of the UK population, on the basis of the latter figures, that means a Muslim is 20×5=100 times as likely to commit a terrorist offence as a member of the general population.

Thus Muslims are likely to react to criticism with violence, riots, and so on. And the UK authorities do not have the resources to deal with that, especially given recent cuts to police funding.

So what do the UK authorities do? They cave into that threat by granting special privileges to Muslims!

And if you think the latter “cave in” idea is fanciful, then consider the fact that female genital mutilation has been effectively legalised. That is, there are thousands of cases of FGM logged by the NHS every year, but there has not been one single successful prosecution. In short, the UK authorities have caved into Islam, or should I say “caved into threats of violence by Muslims”.

Finally, you should also remember that bias against Islam is allegedly a form of “hate” (a phobia, apparently). Thus it follows that the above mentioned bias in favour of Islam by the UK authorities must also be a form of “hate”, albeit against the host community.