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UN migrant pact sparks protests in Brussels

Flemish nationalists gather in Brussels

Over ten thousand Flemish nationalists rallied in Brussels at the weekend against the controversial UN migration pact which has caused a traumatic split in the coalition government in Belgium.

The Flemish nationalist N-VA (New Flemish Alliance) left the governing coalition of Charles Michel after the migration agreement was backed by Belgium at a UN conference in Marrakesh, Morocco, last week. Theo Francken, the outgoing N-VA minister for asylum and migration, said: “There is huge concern and even anger and frustration among a big part of the population about the chaotic organisation of asylum and migration flows into Europe. This illegal chaos has to end.”

Police arrested ninety people and used tear gas and water cannon as some protesters attempted to storm the EU Commission building after the march and rally in the city.

There are federal, regional and European elections in Belgium next May and the N-VA is keen to win over voters who have deserted them and supported the radical nationalist VB (Flemish Interest) party in October’s local elections. The VB organised the march and rally, which was supported by various extra-parliamentary Flemish nationalist groups as well.

The fragile coalition government in Belgium is now dependent on fake and far left support in the federal parliament after the decision to back the UN migration pact which seeks to legitimise migrant flows from the Third World and enlist governments across the world into accommodating endless Third World migration.

Although the UN migration pact is not legally binding at present, supporters such as the outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who largely created the current migration chaos across Europe, wants to make it legally binding in the future.

Opponents of the UN migration pact include the American President Donald Trump, the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and the national populist Hungarian and Polish governments.