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Justice for Women and Children

Nationalist protest in Sunderland 2018

The BBC have attacked a grassroots campaign in the north east of England which over the last couple of years has highlighted a spate of gang rapes in Sunderland carried out by Muslim immigrants and ‘asylum seekers’ living in the city.

The Labour MP for Rotherham, itself a hotbed of Muslim grooming and gang rapes for decades, Sarah Champion, who was only elected in 2012 after her predecessor was jailed for fraud, was wheeled out to attack the campaign, while the BBC linked the organisers of the Sunderland-based anti-grooming campaign to perfectly legitimate groups such as the English Defence League and UKIP.

Also interviewed was Sara Khan, the discredited government adviser on ‘extremism’ and the moronic Matthew Collins, a former(?) ‘extremist’ himself who spoke for the Soros-funded fake left ‘anti-fascist’ Hope not Hate campaign group.

Matthew Collins of Hope not Hate

A couple of hapless local politicians were also interviewed, including the leader of Sunderland Council, Graeme Miller, who had urged the Home Office to suspend the ‘asylum seeker’ dispersal programme following the demonstrations against Third World rapists in the city.

Understandably, the organisers of the Justice for Women and Children, all local working class English women, based in the Sunderland area, were reluctant to play along with the BBC’s game.

In the past, BBC journalists have infiltrated nationalist political parties and groups (with the help of so-called ‘anti-fascist’ groups and activists) in an attempt to get the organisers convicted and jailed for inciting ‘racial hatred’.

Instead of attacking or smearing those female organisers of the Justice for Women and Children campaign, the liberal media and their political proxies should be applauding them for such effective grassroots campaigning which has highlighted an important issue which needs to be addressed by the authorities.

Despite failures in the past, the local police have started to take Muslim grooming and gang rape seriously across the north east of England.

As nationalist political parties, opposed to mass immigration and multiculturalism, continue to squabble and splinter, local grassroots campaigns, such as Justice for Women and Children, offer a way forward which can make a real impact in areas blighted by police indifference and political neglect.

Let’s hope those behind the Justice for Women and Children campaign in the north east of England are not frightened off by the London media attention and continue to build on their undoubted success in Sunderland.

You can read the BBC’s hatchet job.