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The national struggle everywhere is not just ideological (but personal as well!)

Time and Place

A new year always means reflection on the rights and wrongs of the year just lived. And anticipation of what the future will bring. Good, bad, or indifferent.

Bumping into fake left SWP morons in a city centre pub in Newcastle, usually ready to throw insults, but strangely silent that night, allows a combination of personal amusement and self-righteousness, but something else is needed.

The basis of the national struggle is ideological, as well as personal: not just books read, but experiences shared, lessons learned.

Violence achieves nothing, except confusion by the masses and middle class media self-satisfaction.

Grassroots campaigning is the way ahead and it takes may forms. It is a mistake to feel snobbish about marches, demos and street protests. In fact, most people now involved in politics started with street protests, whether they acknowledge that later or not. One of them is even the leader of the main opposition party in the UK. Such manifestations can provide traction, despite mixed results over the years. The secret is to avoid making them a political fetish.

Remember, talking to ordinary people (and not just political activists) is the real ideological education, which only cowards shirk.

And your new year resolution should be to join things, subscribe to things, engage on all forms of social media, help make the news and make a stand!