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Copy and paste – laziness or propaganda?

If Civil Liberty readers haven’t yet read about this wonderful community love-inspired venture in their local papers then we reprint this snippet which demonstrates either journalistic laziness, whereby hacks just copy and paste whatever press releases fall into their inboxes, or else there is a concerted propaganda attempt by a well organised proselytizing group.  It serves as a valuable lesson for groups of nationalist, patriotic and populist persuasions that all newspapers regardless of their political hue, are desperate to fill both their paper copies and their, more important, online versions. It is irrelevant how much real impact these groups have in keeping the local community spaces litter free, it is the impact they have in the media which shows how successful they aspire to be.

According to several online papers

“Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) met on New Year’s Day morning to clean up the streets of 50 British towns including Cardiff, Newport, and Swansea.

“The organised “big street clean” saw more than a thousand volunteers help pick up rubbish from London to Glasgow as part of AMYA’s winter charity campaign.

“They held a special prayer before putting on their hi-vis jackets and heading out into the empty streets to pick up any waste after last night’s festivities.”

The almost same wording appeared online in the Mirror (Part of the Reach Group, formerly Trinity Mirror).

North East News (Part of the Reach Group)

Walesonline (Also part of the Reach Group)

The LadBible


and the Metro (part of the Associated Newspapers Group which owns the Daily Mail)

Well written articles which are grammatically sound, accurate and accompanied by meaningful, high quality photographs get the attention of media editors.