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The Road to Morocco

Vigil in Morocco to murdered tourists

Following the murder of two Scandinavian university students just before Christmas, Morocco, keen to protect its important tourism industry, has been quick to play down the motives behind the brutal murder of the two female tourists.

Maren Ueland and Louisa Vesterager were hiking in the High Atlas Mountains when they were found beheaded in their tent in a remote area of the country.

Fifteen people have been charged with the double murders, which involved attempted decapitation, including the three suspects initially arrested by police after the bodies were found. Subsequently, despite official Moroccan denials, videos were discovered showing the three men pledging allegiance to Islamic State and a Swiss National, presumably Moroccan as well, has also been detained as part of the wider investigation into the jihadist network.

Are the Moroccan jihadists guilty of murder following the beheading of those two Scandinavian students?


But equally to blame is the middle class liberal ideology that brainwashed those assuredly feminist North European women into thinking they could go hiking alone in a country such as Morocco (positively encouraged by some tourist websites) and not be asking for trouble.

Sadly, their family and friends who collaborated with this idiocy are also to blame, along with the schools, colleges and media back home in Europe.

There is little doubt that if they had stayed in Europe they would still be alive.

Although there is an increasing threat from the hordes of newcomers, mainly Muslim, now living in Europe (mainly thanks to Angela Merkel’s madcap migration mania in 2015) Norway and Denmark, the respective homes of the two murdered students, are still relatively ‘safe space’ havens for unaccompanied female tourists compared to places such as Morocco, where hostility to white Europeans has been simmering away for decades.

Undoubtedly, European (and North American) liberalism is a suicide complex, although not usually played out so graphically.

And it is no longer a laughing matter.

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