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The anatomy of a ‘Gammon’


The term gammon, when commonly used by ordinary people, means “ham which has been cured or smoked like bacon”, according to an online dictionary.

However, the term is increasingly used in a seemingly insulting manner by the UK fake left to describe reactionary ‘right-wing’ white people, usually male, who express outright scepticism and undisguised surprise at the acidic self-hating and suicidal self-loathing of the increasingly multicultural fake left and their liberal media apologists.

Accordingly, the political ‘gammon’ supports Brexit, opposes mass immigration and multiculturalism and wonders, occasionally out loud, what is the actual point of women’s professional football, cricket and rugby, now heavily promoted by the liberal media.

They also notice that nearly every TV advert presents a seemingly happy miscegenating couple (almost always a black male with a white female) and express contempt that to buy a fitted kitchen or three piece suite their sons and daughters are being programmed to follow that media-ordained path in order to acquire the finer things in life or face social banishment forever.

Once upon a time, they also watched BBC news and current affairs programmes but rarely bother now because of the obvious contempt shown by both presenters and politicians to the world they know and love.

Apparently, the great English writer Charles Dickens is credited with inventing the term in his 1838 novel, Nicholas Nickleby, who, when describing one of the characters in the book, wrote: “‘ The meaning of that term – gammon,’ said Mr Gregsbury, ‘ is unknown to me. If it means that I grow a little too fervid, or perhaps even hyberbolical, in extolling my native land, I admit the full justice of the remark.'”

The resurrected modern term was first used in 2012 and gained traction after the Brexit vote in 2016, when the middle class multiculti fake left noticed how enthusiastic many working class white people, particularly males, were for the proposition and how angry they became when talk of a second referendum (to rig and reverse the Brexit vote) was mentioned. As a result, in 2018, the term was formally identified and described by a leading English dictionary.

Now, some wags are proclaiming that “Gammon Lives Matter” as well, in an effort to reclaim the term from the haters. By the looks of it, they even have a ready made champion in the shape of the former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage!

Already, attempts are underway to hijack the term and redefine it for ‘Gammon Power’ protests in the future