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Failed politicians demand the end of England after EU open borders immigration population surge

Failed Tory ‘Baroness’ Warsi and failed Labour leader, Ed Miliband, demand the end of England on liberal media

A new report has been published which says England needs three million new social homes by 2040 to house its growing population.

Two failed politicians, both second generation immigrants themselves, the Tory peer ‘Baroness’ Warsi and the former Labour leader, Ed Miliband, are fronting this ridiculous demand sponsored by a fake left housing charity. The number of new houses proposed is equivalent to seven times more homes than there are currently in Birmingham, England’s second city, and twenty seven times more than in Milton Keynes, one of the new towns built in England during the immediate post-war period.

Effectively, it would mean the end of the Green Belt, which act as buffer zones preventing overbearing development between towns and cities across England, and the English countryside as we currently recognise it, already much reduced since the beginning of contemporary mass immigration in 1948.

The idea has been costed at Ā£225bn – more than the cost of the white elephant HS2 rail line and more than five times the annual UK defence budget.

About 5.4 million of the total population growth of 6.6 million between 2001 and 2016 was the result of immigration, mainly caused by EU open borders and the failure of liberal politicians to effectively control the non-EU migration influx as well. Now this astonishing dereliction of duty is being turned into a liberal flag waving exercise by failed politicians to address the so-called housing crisis caused by their own inaction.

Sadly, the issue is also being used as a political football by various factions in Westminster, most of whom don’t care about England or the English, including the self-aggrandising failures behind this report.