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UK Home Office ‘asylum seeker’ fiasco

British Passport – totally worthless thanks to ‘asylum’ and migration fiasco

The UK Home Office has failed to remove over 50,000 failed ‘asylum seekers’ between 2010 and 2016, according to the latest figures.

Moreover, bogus claims are rife with many ‘asylum seekers’ engaging in ‘nationality swapping’ – claiming to be from a country that will boost their chances of success. For example, Iran, whose nationals are rarely deported after claiming asylum. Another ruse is young adults claiming to be under 18 or individuals blatantly destroying their travel documents before they arrive in the UK.

The immigration system, according to David Wood, a former head of immigration enforcement, is “not efficient or very effective” in identifying bogus claims or deporting those who fail in their asylum claim.

Enforced deportation and voluntary departures of failed asylum seekers have fallen from more than 15,000 annually in the mid-2000s, to fewer than 5,000 a year recently, according to the latest figures. Of the 80,813 applications refused or withdrawn between 2010 and 2016, only 29,659 were removed, leaving 51,154 failed ‘asylum seekers’ still residing in the country from that seven year period alone.

Thanks to the failure of the UK Home Office to deport failed ‘asylum seekers’ or even protect the UK’s borders, compounded by EU open borders, UK population growth has reached unprecedented levels, mainly due to mass immigration.

And, according to another report, nobody seems to know who actually lives in the UK or even how many live in Britain’s towns and cities, putting real pressure on local services, transport and housing, which is the real scandal of decades of border neglect by successive British governments.