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No laughing matter as politically correct academic witch hunt gathers pace

Avoid Boring People

Anyone in recent times who has attended a university is aware of the stifling political correctness on campus, usually enforced by the far and fake left among the student body, who tend to dominate every campus without serious challenge.

Until recently, one of the joys of attending university was counting the number of far and fake left organisations making appeals for support and the snivelling by so-called conservatives in response to the ‘anti-everything’ agenda pushed by those groups.

Now, despite examples of witch-hunts against academics in the past, a new wave of politically correct intolerance is making itself heard as three more academics face the wrath of their peers or students.

The world famous DNA pioneer James Watson has been stripped of titles awarded by the laboratory he once led after repeating claims about racial and ethnic differences he made ten years ago, which also led to uproar by those who wish to deny such differences.

Another US academic, Peter Boghossian, an assistant professor of philosophy at Portland State University in Oregon, is facing the sack after duping various academic journals into publishing hoax academic papers which exposed the politically correct “nonsense” of so-called LGBTXYZ studies and feminism.

Finally, in the UK, an Oxford law professor, John Finnis, is subject to a student petition which seeks to force him out of his job because of remarks he made about male homosexuality.

Of course, it is easy to laugh off these witch-hunts (unless you are on the receiving end!) as mindless student waffle and middle class cowardice and even a fake leftist hasĀ concerns, but they do have have a serious purpose.

The aim is to shut down debate and control the discussion, whilst in turn pushing Western society towards accepting the subversive agenda of the fake and far-left, whom everyone laughed at not so long ago.

Funny that.