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Merkel and Macron sink as Italy’s Salvini soars

Matteo Salvini in Rome: Is he the saviour of Europe?

The party of the hardline nationalist deputy prime minister of Italy, Matteo Salvini, is soaring in the polls ahead of important elections across the European Union (EU) later this year.

Just months after his party, formerly the Northern League, now simply known as the League (Lega), formed a coalition government, it is soaring in the polls, well ahead of its coalition partners, the populist Five Star Movement. A recent poll showed that the League’s support had jumped from 17.3% at the elections last March to 32.9%, while support for the Five Star Movement has fallen from 32.7% to 26.3%, mainly thanks to the high profile activity of Salvini.

His uncompromising attitude to illegal immigration and overt hostility to the EU have largely driven his popularity reflected in his slick use of social media where he posts multiple times every day to his followers.

Born in Milan in 1973, the charismatic League leader is challenging France and Germany for political supremacy in the EU and looking for allies across eastern Europe, particularly in Hungary and Poland.

In contrast, the German leader Angela Merkel has said she will step down before the next German general election in 2021 after electoral setbacks concerning her madcap migration mania  which opened up Germany’s borders (along with Europe’s as a whole) to over a million ‘asylum seekers’ from the Third World in 2015. In France, despite efforts to calm the ‘Yellow Vest’ street protests by President Macron, tens of thousands of people gathered in towns and cities across France for the tenth weekend in succession.

As Merkel and Macron experience that sinking feeling, Salvini continues to soar!

Merkel & Macron sinking fast