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More ‘far-right extremists’ needed

Reading could make you a ‘far-right extremist’

With Brexit on the rocks, due to Tory procrastination, incompetence and cowardice, the liberal media is becoming increasingly fraught with reports of ‘far-right extremism’ dominating the headlines.

In an attempt to shift the focus from the Tory crisis, which could result in the party (and minority government) falling apart, almost everyone outside the Tory Party (and regarded as “right-wing”) is being dubbed ‘far-right’ or ‘extremist’, particularly UKIP, ‘Tommy Robinson’ or any spin-off from the UKIP or BNP orbit, such as For Britain, led by the former Labour candidate and UKIP leadership contender, Anne Marie Waters.

If you take to the streets in support of Brexit, you are a ‘far-right extremist’, according to the liberal media. If you say rude things about MPs or anti-Brexit public figures you are a ‘far-right extremist’, according to the liberal media. And so on.

Previously, the hunt was on for ‘far=right’ terrorists ( in order to balance the numbers already heavily biased towards Muslims who are mainly non-white) but now the focus is on smearing everyone outside the Tory party (and regarded as “right-wing”) as ‘far-right extremist’, since the ‘fascist/nazi’ smears are old hat and everyone can be called that now, even anti-Brexit Tory MPs!

In an attempt to help the media in their latest witch-hunt, we have drawn up a quick guide to help them establish whether someone is a ‘far-right extremist’ or not.

Warning signs: Abstains from drugs and alcohol. Has a job. Is physically fit. Can sometimes be seen reading books. Has children which appear to be ethnically the same as them (aka native English/white British).

We hope that helps all those fearless and, ahem, truthful journalists at the BBC, Sky, The Guardian, The Times, Daily Mail, et al.