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Animal Welfare could mean the end of multiculturalism

Iconic Connemara pony
Animal Welfare could prove the downfall of multiculturalism

All nationalists should support (and where feasible) join their their local ‘Animal Rights’ group.

They should also support national organisations concerned about animal welfare (in the UK that would be the RSPCA or the RSPCB, among many others) plus the various environmental groups and organisations that express concern for how animals (both domestic and in the wild) are treated.

In fact, nationalists have a fine tradition in the UK environmentalist and animal welfare movement.

Jorian Jenks edited the journal of the post-war Soil Association, which also had the support of Rolf Gardiner and Lord Lymington, who had set up, along with Jenks, a precursor to the Soil Association called Kinship in Husbandry, which is widely regarded as the first post-war environmentalist movement.

Another prominent pre-war nationalist, Wilfred Risdon was an important member of the National Anti-Vivisection Society, which campaigned against experiments on animals and inspired post-war legislation against widespread animal experiments and cruelty.

While David McCalden, a supporter of the National Front in the early seventies, was a founder member of the early Hunt Saboteurs’ movement and the first editor of its magazine, Howl, before he was forced to resign by fake left ‘anti-fascists’.

‘Green Nationalism’ is the cornerstone of any successful pro-animal welfare and environmentalist movement, as even the thinking members of the fake left accept.

With the post-war influx of Third World people, particularly from the predominantly Muslim parts of the world, into the UK (and the wider Occident) the treatment of animals, particularly in farming, with the widespread use of so-called ‘ritual slaughter’ in order to provide food to these burgeoning communities is a cutting edge issue which has wide support across the native community.

This ten minute video explains how animal welfare could help end multiculturalism across the Western World.