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Marine Le Pen says a reformed EU would welcome back the UK

The Real Europe

In a recent interview, Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Rally (formerly the French National Front) has said that the UK could rejoin a reformed EU and that she regrets “a little” that Britain will not be around to help change things from within the failing federalist project.

She said: ” Britain voted to leave the EU – it did not vote to leave Europe. An alliance of European nations will be the future and the UK could come back. The choice should be between leaving and staying in a reformed EU.”

Previously, she was a harsh critic of both the EU and the euro currency saying that France should leave both, Now she talks about reforming both of them in anticipation of EU-wide elections later this year and another probable domestic contest against the arch-federalist Macron in 2022.

She said she would “like to have had Britain on board for this fight”, although the EU afterwards would be unrecognisable from what it is now.

She also criticised Theresa May’s handling of the Brexit negotiations because “she was playing the game of the EU…the EU wanted the deal to go this way.”

Although she has softened her tone on the EU, her views on mass immigration have become more strident. “In France there are millions of unemployed alongside migrants. The future world should not be based on globalisation. Money should not be the driver of everything. We are citizens of somewhere, not citizens of nowhere. We cannot waste this by multiculturalism.”

The EU, she stressed, “must fix its borders”.

She also expressed support for France’s gilets jaunes (the so-called ‘Yellow Vests’) even though they are now talking about running candidates against her party in the forthcoming EU elections, saying they had a legitimate right to protest against President Macron. “Mr Macron is making a false analysis; the globalised world means we are losing the middle classes.”

She was also asked whether she supported the nationalist agenda of Donald Trump. “Yes, indeed, it is the same explanation. Also, the leader of India and Vladimir Putin. It is the nation, the nation state. Only the EU cannot see it.”

And as Civil Liberty will continue to stress over the coming months and years, the future struggle, whether in the UK or overseas, will be around predatory globalism and undemocratic corporatism versus national sovereignty and individual liberty.