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What chance a white working class uprising if Brexit is dumped?

Small anti-Brexit fake left protest in Newcastle upon Tyne, February 2019

The liberal media in the UK is ramping up the hysteria about Brexit.

Not only could martial law be declared, if the predicted food shortages arrive following a no deal Brexit, but the Queen and other members of the Royal family will be taken to ‘safe houses’ well away from the UK’s big cities in case of civil unrest. Hopefully, the Duke of Edinburgh will not be driving the getaway car!

Of course, much more likely is a fudged deal between the UK and the EU with trade, tourism and everything else continuing as before at the end of March this year, when the UK formally leaves the institutions of the EU.

Another possibility is the prospect of Brexit being delayed, stalled or even stopped altogether, following a general election and second (rigged) referendum.

Then we could see potentially destabilising protests, much bigger than the pro and anti-Brexit protests in London last year. More than that, the bond between the politicians and people will be irrevocably broken (as many of the more savvy politicians understand) and new political forces come to the fore, particularly if one or both of the two main political parties split over the issue, which seems on the cards already.

And let’s not forget, despite the threats from big business and the related media hysteria, why the British people, particularly the white working class, voted for Brexit in the first place.

This five minute video illustrates the disgruntled white working class dynamic that has been building for decades. What have you got to lose, when you have nothing left to lose?